TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 710: “New Best Friends”

New Best Friends

If you feel like “The Walking Dead” has been lacking in melodrama lately, you will love tonight’s episode, “New Best Friends.”

This week starts with Ezekiel and some of his people making their regular drop for the Saviors. Ezekiel’s man Richard fights with Savior Jared again and Morgan loses his staff.

Back in the Kingdom, Daryl and Morgan talk about what Carol would do if she were here. Daryl wishes she was around to lead the fight, but Morgan basically says it’s good she’s not. She wants to live in peace.

Daryl finds Richard practicing with a crossbow. He ends up offering the crossbow to Daryl in an effort to win him over. They retrieve some weapons from Richard’s private stash while he talks about needing to bring people together from the Kingdom, the Hilltop, and Alexandria. Richard has a plot to take out Saviors while they patrol. He has a trail leading to his weapons cache, and then to the cabin where they’ll find a woman Ezekiel cares about. Daryl knows right away he’s talking about Carol. Richard wants to use Carol to motivate Ezekiel to move against the Saviors, but Daryl threatens him if anything happens to her.

Over with Rick’s group, they are hanging out at the dump where they tracked down Father Gabriel last week. After some dramatic choreography, they are surrounded and a woman asks, “Are you a collective or does one lead?” Since when do people talk like this? Besides Ezekiel, of course. Her name turns out to be Jadis and she has ridiculous hair that would take far too much maintenance for the zombie apocalypse.

Jadis wants Rick’s group to buy their own lives back. But Rick points out that she has all of their stuff and they have nothing to pay with. He explains that they are already owned by the Saviors and if anything happens, the Saviors will come looking for them. Rick asks Jadis to join the fight against the Saviors and she says no. And then her people start attacking Rick’s people.

And then Father Gabriel steps up.

He says, “Rick can do anything,” which is probably news to Rick. Jadis says to let Tamiel go. Seriously, where did these names come from? Gabriel further pleads their case and seems to convince Jadis of something. Then she tells Tamiel and Brionn (again with the names), to “Show Rick Up Up Up.” Because apparently this is a preschool classroom?

They go to the top of the highest garbage mountain peak. Jadis explains that her people have lived at the dump since the change and that things are getting harder because supplies are getting short. She says she needs to know if Rick is worth it and then she pushes him off of Garbage Mountain.

What happens next is basically adapted straight from the “Return of the Jedi” screenplay, with Rick playing the role of Luke Skywalker and the weirdest walker ever as the Rancor.

Luke always wins and, luckily, so does Rick. So he kills this creepy thing and tells Jadis to let him know what she wants and they’ll get it. She throws him a rope and pulls him out of the Rancor pit. His hand and leg are cut up and bleeding. Jadis says, “Guns. A lot. And then we fight your fight.” They negotiate on what percentage her group gets after they beat the Saviors.

She also mentions that they waited for someone to get the supplies off that boat for a long time. The supplies that Aaron and Rick retrieved awhile back.Basically they just let other people do the work for them and then steal whatever they want. Rick asks if that creepy walker was there for someone to prove themselves. She looks confused and says, “No. His name was Winslow.”

Father Gabriel explains to Rick that these Trash People (though they prefer to call themselves Scavengers) had gotten into Alexandria while he was on watch and made him pack up the pantry. So apparently that was some creative editing last week. He says he almost lost faith that Rick would find him, but it all worked out. They’ll set things right, etc. He asks Rick the question that has been on everyone’s mind on Twitter all week, “What made you smile?” Rick just says someone showed him enemies can become friends.

That’s the explanation? Really?

Tara and Rosita argue over fighting now or later. Rosita wants to just leave and go out on her own. So it’s probably safe to say Rosita has signed her own death warrant. Rick and Michonne plan to go out searching for guns and Rick asks Tara to show them where not to look. And then Rick gives Michonne a cat made out of scrap metal to replace the one she lost back in season 3 at the prison.

Back on the outskirts of the Kingdom, King Ezekiel and some of his men show up at Carol’s house. She’s annoyed because she told Richard no more visitors. Ezekiel explains they’re clearing the roads of walkers so that they won’t bother her. She dismisses them, but not before Jerry offers her cobbler. She accepts it and sends them away, then sits back down with a novel. There’s another knock on the door and now she’s really irritated.

But when she sees Daryl, she’s not mad. He explains how he found her without giving up Richard. And then he asks the saddest question, “Why’d you go?” She simply says she had to. She says she couldn’t lose anyone. “I couldn’t kill them. I could. And would…And there wouldn’t be anything left of me after that.”

She asks Daryl what happened with the Saviors. She wants to know if they came and if they killed anyone. Daryl decides to lie and tell her that all of their people survived. He knows what it will do to her to know the truth about Glenn. They talk about Ezekiel a bit and Carol says she thinks he’s okay.

Morgan finds Daryl hanging out with Shiva the tiger. They both agree that Daryl was right to lie about what the Saviors did. Daryl tells Morgan they need the Kingdom and he has to make it happen. Daryl says he’s going back to the Hilltop in the morning. And he does.

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