TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 712: “Say Yes”


Before we get into this week’s recap of “Say Yes,” let’s first run through what happened last week while we were all watching the party at the Dolby Theater.

In episode 711, “Hostiles and Calamities,” we caught up with Eugene and the goings on over at Savior Central. Also known as the Sanctuary. Eugene got to see just what a bad guy Negan is. As though he wasn’t already aware. Eugene quickly slipped back into his role of Liar Liar Pants on Fire. He told Negan the same story he had given Abraham a million years ago. That he’s a virologist en route to Washington DC to cure the world of the virus. For some reason, Negan bought it and gave Eugene an apartment and everything. A few of Negan’s wives came along and convinced Eugene to make a pill to help one of the other wives commit suicide.

Eugene made the pill and then wouldn’t give it to them because he knew they really wanted to kill Negan. Somewhere along the way, Dwight had to track down Sherry when Negan figured out she helped Daryl escape. Dwight didn’t find her but claimed to have killed her, and also planted some evidence in the doctor’s office to make it look like the doctor and Sherry worked together. Negan ended up killing the doctor because now that Eugene’s there, they have a spare. He thinks.

Later, Negan went to Eugene’s apartment for his standard “Who are you?” visit and didn’t even get the question out before Eugene declared, “I’m Negan! I am stone cold Negan.” So, that’s it for Eugene then? We’ll see.

But this week’s episode, “Say Yes” has a little bit of a throw back feel to the episode last year where Rick and Daryl went on a supply run and found Jesus. This time Rick and Michonne are on something of a couple’s retreat, looking for guns to fulfill their deal with Jadis the Garbage People.

Along the way, they come across a pair of Saviors who are whining about Fat Joey. Rick spots batteries and some snacks in the back of the truck. They leave the Saviors, take the pretzels.

Michonne wants to get back to Alexandria, but Rick insists on staying out for another day or two. Which will be either the best idea ever or a terrible disaster. They keep driving and eventually find a school surrounded by a fence. When they rattle the fence, a well-armed walker stumbles out from somewhere. Which is when Michonne utters the insightful line, “Something serious happened here.” What ever gave her that idea? Rick, however, points out the more important detail: “Serious guns.”

It turns out the zombie apocalypse apparently interrupted a pretty snazzy school carnival. Rick and Michonne climb up on top of a roof for a good view of the scene and there are a whole lot of armed walkers. And then the roof caves in and they laugh. Because, out of all the things they could have landed on, they happen to fall into bed together. Literally. And quickly discover they are surrounded by cases upon cases of military MREs. And also a lot of bottled water. Is Rick going to wake up from a dream or something?

Over in Alexandria, Rosita and Tara chat. Rosita is mad at Rick and thinks everything is moving too slowly. She tells Tara they need more guns and asks, “Do you know where to find a lot of guns?” Tara does, of course, but says no.

Later, Rosita leaves on her own and Tara has Judith-sitting duty. She spills her guts about Oceanside to Judith, because obviously a non-verbal two-year-old isn’t going to tell on her.

Rick and Michonne enjoy a romantic candlelight MRE dinner and talk about what happens next. She wants to plan things out. To know what will happen after they take out Negan. Rick isn’t ready to worry about that yet. But Michonne basically says, “You just need to run everything.” And Rick says, “Yeah, okay, but only if you run it with me.”

Possibly the next morning (it’s hard to figure out time on this show), they hatch some plan to round up the gun-toting walkers. The plan involves a car with a walker stuffed through the windshield, a bunch of carnival games, and a deer. They get the walker to follow this car when they roll it into an open field. Then they climb on top and it looks like another Rick-in-the-RV moment, but we do get to see Rick and Michonne jump off the roof and run away.

They run toward the carnival and split up. Rick climbs up on a ferris wheel, sees a deer and a bunch of walkers. He aims at the deer and then falls off the ferris wheel, which Michonne sees. She runs toward him to find the walkers feasting on blood and guts. In the shock of Rick dying, she drops her katana and just about collapses. But suddenly, Rick jumps out of hiding and starts taking out walkers with his hatchet. He picks up the katana and throws it to Michonne, who catches it with one hand and rejoins the fight. They kill all the walkers and then they hug and everything’s fine.

They go around and gather up all the guns and ammo they can find, but Michonne is crying and Rick sees it. So when they are back in the car, he says that what comes next is that they fight Negan. And that it’s going to be hard and they’re going to lose some people. Possibly even each other. Michonne says, “I can’t lose you.” But Rick, being the romantic guy that he is says, “I can lose you.” So sweet. But he also says she needs to run things if he doesn’t make it.

Somewhere along the way, Rosita, Tara, and Father Gabriel end up with Rick and Michonne at the meeting with Jadis. But they only have 63 guns and Jadis says that’s not enough. She wants twice as many. Rick wants to keep a few while they search for more. Jadis offers him 5, he asks for 10. She moves up to 9, and wants the cat back. Rick asks for 20 and says he’ll keep the cat. And then he says, “Say yes.” For some reason, she does.

Later, Rick asks Tara if she’s seen Rosita, because the Angry One didn’t show up for her guard shift. Tara doesn’t know, but decides to confess to Rick about Oceanside.

Rosita, who is probably going to die soon, ends up at The Hilltop, hatching a plan with Sasha. They’re going to work together to get to Negan. Sasha agrees to this on the condition that she gets to fire the shot. Not only does Rosita agree, she pulls out a high-powered rifle with a scope. They agree that between the intel they got from Carl and Daryl, plus the map they got from Jesus, they’re prepared. Rosita says, “It’s a one-way ticket for us both.”

So the women who loved Abraham are preparing a kamikaze mission. Rick is about to go after more people and guns. And Eugene is besties with Negan. What will happen next? Only four more episodes this season to find out.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Say Yes”? Good? Bad? Indifferent?

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