TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 713: “Bury Me Here”


This week’s episode “Bury Me Here” starts at the back of a box truck, where several of King Ezekiel’s knights appear to be loading it up for the weekly delivery to the Saviors. But the delivery contains only a single cantaloupe.

Carol wakes up in the middle of the night. She tosses and turns a bit and then gives up and lights a cigarette.

Early in the morning Morgan trains Benjamin’s little brother while Benjamin watches. They talk about having a lot to do today.

Carol leaves her cottage, takes out a few walkers with a speed limit sign, and ends up at the gates of The Kingdom demanding to see Morgan. When she gets to his room, she asks what really happened in Alexandria. Morgan says they want to create an alliance to fight the Saviors. She says Daryl said everyone was fine, but is it true? Morgan tells her to talk to Daryl about that. “What was said between you and him was between you and him.” Then he says if she decides to go back to Alexandria to talk to him, she shouldn’t go alone. He offers to go with her right now, but she turns around and leaves.

A few short sequences happen:

  • Benjamin wants Carol to train him. She says no.
  • In town, Richard finds a backpack with the name “Katy” written on it. He cries and starts to dig.
  • King Ezekiel looks out over The Kingdom, with Shiva the tiger by his side. A woman named Nabila says the crops are being attacked by weevils and that everything should be torn out. “Here’s the beautiful thing, your Majesty. You can tear it out, and cut it down. You can burn it and throw it all away. But if you want, it can all grow back.” And then Shiva growls and Nabila says, “Okay, I think I just pissed myself.”
  • One of the knights walks by with a wheelbarrow full of cantaloupes.
  • Benjamin brings Morgan a velvet painting he found while scavenging.
  • Richard apologizes to Morgan for recent tension, but says Morgan’s wrong about his position on killing. “The day’s coming when you can’t be that good. When that happens, don’t beat yourself up about it.”

Ezekiel and his men head out to the delivery point, but the road is blocked by shopping carts. They get out to move them, but discover a freshly opened grave with a sign that says, “Bury Me Here.” The spot looks oddly like the place where Richard was just digging.

They show up late to the meeting with the Saviors. Gavin starts lecturing Ezekiel, who tries to explain, but Gavin interrupts, so Joey tells him not to interrupt the king. Which is the exact wrong thing to say because Gavin says there are no kings in this world and that things have been unnecessarily tense the last few weeks. When they go to pull the cantaloupe delivery out of the truck, Gavin says, “I want your guns too.” Ezekiel refuses because that wasn’t part of the deal.

Both sides draw guns on each other. Richard says, “We should give them over, your Majesty.” Jared, who took Morgan’s staff last time, taunts Richard like a 5-year-old. Ezekiel tells Jared to give Morgan’s stick back, but after some more prompting from Gavin, Ezekiel finally agrees to give up the guns.

Gavin explains, “We took your guns because things are about to get emotional.” It turns out they are short one cantaloupe. Ezekiel says he counted them himself and there were 12. Gavin says they need to learn the stakes and they’re going to teach. Ezekiel offers to get twice the tribute in an hour, but Gavin isn’t willing to wait. It’s time for them to learn.

Jared points a gun in Richard’s face. Richard says, “Just do it.” Jared says okay and then points the gun at someone else and shoots.

Ezekiel tells Gavin, “I need to get Benjamin back to the Kingdom.” Gavin had turned away, so when he sees that Benjamin was shot in the leg, he orders Jared to give the stick back and to not talk. He tells Ezekiel from now on they will always be on time and their deliveries will always be complete. The knights load up Benjamin and race back toward the Kingdom.

Except that they don’t make it to the Kingdom. They go to Carol’s cottage instead. As they try to stop the bleeding, Benjamin says to Morgan, “It’s okay. To injure an opponent is to injure yourself.” And then he dies. Richard cries and Morgan cries. And then Morgan leaves and goes out to try to kill himself, but can’t. He has flashbacks to losing his wife and son, and then remembers that Richard was covering the truck from behind when the cantaloupe disappeared.

Morgan confronts Richard, who explains losing his wife and daughter because he was weak and didn’t do anything. And then he confesses that he set up the road block and the missing cantaloupe to instigate the fight between the Kingdom and the Saviors. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Richard goes on to tell Morgan, “You have to kill. Or you may as well kill yourself.” He promises to tell Ezekiel everything, but only when they’ve agreed to join the fight.

The next morning, it seems we’ve caught up to the opening sequence as the knights load a single cantaloupe into the back of the truck. Morgan asks Richard, “Did you tell him?” Richard says they’ll talk about it when they get back, but Ezekiel overhears and wants to talk about it now.

As the Saviors pull in, Morgan walks to the spot where Benjamin’s blood is still red in the street. He picks up a staff. The Saviors arrive and Gavin asks about the kid, but instantly knows he’s dead. Gavin tells Jared to leave and says, “You say one word and I will kill you.” Gavin is definitely not like the other Saviors.

Richard brings the crate with the cantaloupe and starts to explain that they get it, but Morgan rushes forward and attacks Richard. He chokes Richard to death with his bear hands as everyone looks on in horror.

After Richard is dead, Morgan explains that Richard was responsible for the cantaloupe debacle because he wanted to start a war between the Kingdom and the Saviors. He turns to Gavin and finishes Richard’s speech. “I wanted to show you that we get it. That we understand what it is that we need to do. That we know how to go on.” Gavin simply says, “Next week, same time.”

The Saviors leave and Ezekiel is still reeling from learning what Richard did. Morgan says, “He wanted this. He’s why Dwayne had to die.” Ezekiel doesn’t know who Dwayne is and Morgan realizes he mixed up his son and Benjamin.

Morgan drags Richard’s body through the streets and buries him at the spot he already dug. As Morgan’s filling up the grave, he finds Katy’s backpack and buries that too. He heads back toward town, killing a lot of walkers along the way before showing up at Carol’s door. He says, “Do you really want to know what happened in Alexandria?” And then he tells her about Glenn, Abraham, Spencer, Olivia, and everyone else. He also lets her know about the deal. Then he walks away and she wants to know where he’s going. He says he’s going to kill them one by one. She tells him to go and not go. She gives him her cottage and heads back to the Kingdom to help train the Kingdomites for the coming war.

At the cottage, Morgan sharpens his stick.

What did you think of this week’s episode, “Bury Me Here”? Are Morgan and Carol really back?

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