TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 714: “The Other Side”

Episode 714 The Other Side

On this week’s episode, “The Other Side,” nothing happened.

If you think that’s a joke, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

There’s a little bit of character movement, but literally nothing happened. This is one of those episodes where the writers wrote themselves into a corner by insisting on doing each episode in one specific location and suddenly ran out of story.

But here it is anyway:

Maggie and Sasha are training folks at The Hilltop on using weapons and whatnot. The first sighting of Daryl in four entire weeks is basically just a silhouette and he doesn’t speak.

Rosita shows up to talk to Sasha, so now we’re caught up to where we left off two weeks ago.

Jesus and Maggie have a heart-to-heart. He grew up in a group home and has always had trouble getting close to people. And then Jesus shyly tells her that he’s gay.

Sasha gets ready to leave to go after Negan. Jesus finds her and tries to talk her into waiting, but she refuses. Enid drops in. Sasha asks Enid to take care of Maggie because she’s the future of The Hilltop. Enid agrees and then says she’s going to give Sasha ten minutes and then run off to tattle to Maggie. When Sasha walks out the door, the alarm goes out. “The Saviors are coming!”

Maggie and Daryl hide because she’s supposed to be dead and he’s an escapee.

Rosita and Sasha sneak out through a secret tunnel that Sasha built in between vigils at Abraham’s grave and secretly plotting Negan’s murder. Out on the road, Rosita tries to hotwire a car, but they can’t find one that will start. She sees that Sasha is wearing the necklace she made for Abraham. Awkward.

Gregory the Inept greets Simon the Savior like an old friend. But Simon is looking for someone on Negan’s orders.

Sasha says that Jesus told her about some buildings near The Sanctuary that would be a perfect spot to play sniper. Rosita wants to go in and face Negan, but Sasha thinks sniping will be safer. Maybe she thinks one or both of them might survive this attack. So young. So naive.

At The Hilltop, one of the Saviors is about to discover Maggie and Daryl in their hiding place, but Enid delays him. The whole encounter is creepy and weird and it doesn’t really work because he still goes into the store room where Daryl and Maggie are hiding. Luckily, though, he doesn’t find them.

Simon finds who he’s looking for: Dr. Carson. Because, oops, the Sanctuary is short a doctor since Negan threw Dr. Carson’s brother into a fiery furnace. But Simon assures Gregory that the Hilltop will still have medical assistance and opens a giant crate of probably-expired aspirin.

Outside, Gregory wants to speak to Simon privately. He basically tells Simon without telling him that there’s about to be a coup. So Simon gives Gregory his home address and tells him to come by if they ever need to talk. He also mentions that he enjoys tequila.

The Savior who almost finds Maggie and Daryl ends up just taking a few supplies off a shelf and leaving before Daryl can ruin everything by killing him. Maggie is upset Daryl won’t talk to her and so he tearfully apologizes for getting Glenn killed. But she says it wasn’t his fault and that Glenn wouldn’t blame him either and then they cry together some more.

Sasha and Rosita find a building to hole up in and start scoping things out. Literally, with the rifle scope. Sasha sees Eugene strutting around, giving orders to people. Rosita says, “He’s playing some angle.” Or maybe he’s Negan. Rosita plays around with some rope and Sasha asks to learn knot tying. Which leads to another almost-tearful heart-to-heart as Rosita tells Sasha her entire post-apocalyptic sexual history. Except that she actually loved Abraham, which makes Sasha feel awkward because she loved him too for the five or so minutes they were together.

The Saviors return with Dr. Carson, and Sasha is worried because what will that mean for Maggie? But then she forgets her concern because Negan comes outside. Except then she can’t get a clean shot when he’s standing in the doorway with no one blocking the view because she waits until he’s surrounded by people and standing next to the truck. Rosita turns on the stolen walkie talkie and they hear Eugene asking all available Saviors to go out and round up a dozen or so walkers for security.

It’s nighttime at The Hilltop and Jesus goes into Gregory’s office. Gregory tells Jesus to move their guests out of his trailer because it’s “a fire hazard.” Jesus says it sounds like Gregory is threatening him. Gregory says, “Nah, I just take care of my friends and we are not friends.” And then he sends Jesus away as one of his minions brings a bottle of tequila.

Outside, Daryl asks Jesus where Rosita and Sasha went.

It’s also nighttime at The Sanctuary and Rosita and Sasha decide they have to do what Rosita said in the first place: go inside. Except when they get to the fence, Sasha won’t let Rosita in because “there’s got to be a point to it all.” So she takes off alone to kill Negan.

Just then, Eugene comes outside with another Savior, explaining all about his plan to increase border security. Rosita kills the other Savior and tells Eugene, “Come with me if you want to live.” But he says, “No way, I’m Negan.”

Rosita gives up and leaves him behind, but as she’s running away, someone turns the corner and sees her. She can’t see who it is, but it’s someone with long-ish hair and packing a crossbow.

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