TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 715: “Something They Need”


It’s time for another hopefully exciting episode. As “Something They Need” starts, Tara in voiceover tells Rick about Oceanside while a montage plays out. Daryl on his motorcycle riding alongside the RV (and not watching Rosita at The Sanctuary). Rick, Michonne, Aaron and others on a rowboat. Walkers covered in barnacles crossing the beach. Back to Rick’s group, walking through the woods. Rick asks, “Are you ready if any of this goes south?” Tara says, “It won’t.”

Which pretty much means it will, right?

Maggie is over at the Hilltop teaching gardening. Gregory comes along, says nothing, but is paying close attention to what she says and does.

Yes, that’s right. They are showing two different locations in one episode. It’s a miracle.

Back in the woods, Michonne climbs a tree and Jesus and Daryl set up some dynamite. Aaron and Eric talk. We’ve never seen Eric outside of Alexandria, so this is probably not a good sign.

Sasha is in a cell at the Sanctuary. A creepy Savior comes in and starts talking about how there are a lot of things you can do with rope. She asks for water and he wants something in return. Sasha tells him to go to hell and then headbutts him. Right as he’s threatening rape, Negan shows up and says that rape is against the rules. “I wouldn’t want to be anywhere it wasn’t.” So at least Negan has some morals?

Negan stabs David in the neck and leaves him on the floor to die. He chats with Sasha a bit, praising her “beach ball-size lady nuts.” Then he realizes she was there the night he murdered Abraham and Glenn. He asks if Rick put her up to this and she says, “Rick? Your bitch? No.” He hands her a big knife and offers her four choices:

  1. She can use it take Negan out. (He’s still got Lucille.)
  2. Sasha can use it to slit her wrists.
  3. She can sit there, do nothing, wait for Davey to come back to life and eat her face.
  4. “Or you can use that blade and stop old ‘Rapey Davey’ from becoming old ‘Dead-Alive Rapey Davey,’ save yourself and join the cause.”

Then he tells her they are not monsters and leaves her in a dark, locked cell with a corpse that’s about to reanimate.

Some undetermined time later, Eugene shows up with some creature comforts. Sasha’s mad about his turn to the dark side, but he explains it. He never wants to see a friend get killed again. Good thing he wasn’t friends with Dr. Carson when that guy got thrown into the fiery furnace then. Eugene urges Sasha to join the Saviors. She tells him to leave. Rapey Davey appears to be turning.

Maggie is outside the Hilltop walls, planting something. Gregory comes to find her and asks where her friends are. She says they’re looking for something they need. He asks why she’s still here now that the doctor is gone, and she says she thought he was going to get the doctor back. They talk about needing to work together. She asks him to keep an eye out while she finishes up. Behind her back, he has a knife and he looks pretty intent on using it.

But then a walker comes along and Maggie starts to go after it. Gregory says, “I’m here to protect the pregnant lady.” She asks if he’s ever killed one before and he says, “I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t.” But he quickly proves that he has never killed one before and ends up yelling out, “Maggie! Please help me!” Of course, she kills it instead of letting it kill him like all of America wishes she would. Some Hilltoppers come by and she tells them, “He hasn’t killed one before. He’s learning.” One of them says, “Not what he told us.”

That might end up having some consequences.

And then it’s time to revisit Oceanside where Natania walks through, talking to people. She goes into her cabin and Tara brandishes a gun and says, “Hi.”

Natania tells Tara, “I should have killed you in the village.” Tara says, “You’re gonna be glad you didn’t.” Cyndie comes in with laundry and when she sees Tara she says, “You promised.”

Tara explains what happened and why she’s there. She tries to convince Natania to join the fight because the Saviors killed all of their men as well as some of her friends and her girlfriend. “If we fight them together we can beat them.” Tara wants Natania to talk to Rick. Cyndie wants to talk, but Natania says no. There’s an explosion outside. The women of Oceanside are rounded up. Cyndie gets the jump on Tara, who gives up her gun. It’s not even loaded because they didn’t come to hurt anyone.

Outside, Rick is concerned because they made a lot of noise. Is this the first time since season one that anyone has worried about that?

Natania brings Tara outside with a gun to her head. She threatens to shoot Tara if they don’t leave. Some of the women urge Natania to hand over the guns, but she just keeps screaming that they need to open their eyes.

From her vantage point in a tree, Michonne sees walkers coming and warns Rick. The group takes out all the walkers while the women take cover behind them. Cyndie hits her grandmother over the head to get Tara away. After they fight off the walkers, Natania gets up and says, “No, we’re not fighting with you. So take your damned guns and go.”

Negan comes back to visit Sasha. He’s pleased to see the knife sticking out of Rapey Davey’s forehead. She says, “You win.” He says, “No. You win.” He takes the knife back and says she still has a ways to go before he fully trusts her. But he’s glad to have her on board. Negan says he’s sending in some things for her and that she should spend the night enjoying it “because tomorrow is gonna be a Big Day!”

Gregory sits in his office and pours a drink. And another. He pulls out a map and calls for Cal. When Cal comes in, Gregory says he needs a ride somewhere and to pack a bag. Because of course he isn’t going to let Maggie make him look bad in front of his people.

Eugene knocks on Sasha’s door. He praises her for deciding to join the Saviors. But she says she can’t do it. She can’t live with it. “And now I’m trapped.” He says he’ll help her get used to the idea. She asks for a knife, a gun and a razor blade so that she can kill herself. She says, “Please, Eugene, don’t let them use me to hurt our people.” He says he’ll think about it. A view inside the cell at Sasha confirms what we already know: that she is playing him.

The Alexandrians gather up the weapons and leave Oceanside. Tara promises to bring them back when it’s over. Cyndie says she wants to go and some others do, but not everyone. “It has to be all of us.” Tara thanks Cyndie for saving her life before. And the time before that and the time before that. When Rachel asks if they’re leaving any, Tara says, “Nope,” and flips her off. Because that kid kind of sucks.

Sasha paces in her cell and Eugene comes back. He says he’s given it a lot of thought and he wants to help her, then slides the poison pill under the door which he had made for Heather. He says he’s known her to be honest and sincere and that he does not want her to go. As he shares his feelings, she cries and doesn’t know what to do now.

Rick and Co arrive back at Alexandria at night. Rosita opens the gate for them. Enid asks if she’s okay and Jesus asks about Sasha. Rosita simply says, “There’s someone here.” She takes them to the cell Morgan built. When Daryl sees Dwight, he jumps forward to try to kill him. Rosita says, “He wants to help us.” Rick asks if that’s true and Dwight says yes. Rick says, “Okay,” then points a gun at him and says, “Get on your knees.”

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