TV Recap: ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Finale: “Last Day on Earth”



When They said, “90 minute Walking Dead season finale” many were excited. All I could think was, that’s a lot of recapping to do. But, let’s get right to it.

The last thing we saw last week was what looked like Daryl’s unfortunate and untimely death at the hands of Dwight. If you were hoping to have that mystery resolved in the opening of this week’s season finale, then you are surely disappointed.

The episode opens with some lights and some strange, unintelligible sounds.

Morgan walks down a road, coming across as hand-painted sign that says “You are alive.” He finds a saddled horse all alone and calms it down.

The Savior that picked up Carol’s rosary last week is looking pretty ragged as he stumbles down a path, still on the hunt for Carol.

A man we’ve never seen before is running through the woods and being chased.

Carl and Enid argue in Carl’s house about whether Enid should go with Maggie to the Hilltop. Carl doesn’t want anything to happen to her, so he insists that she should stay behind.

Rick prepares the RV to take Maggie to the Hilltop to their doctor, since her pregnancy is very high risk now. Abraham, Sasha and Eugene insist on coming along. Rick tries to talk Eugene out of joining the trip, but Eugene gives some reasons why he should, and Rick doesn’t argue.

The Saviors track down the mystery man in the woods and the leader lectures the man about crossing the Saviors and says that now he has to be punished.

Carl and Enid still argue. Carl finally says she should get some pistols from the closet. When she turns to retrieve them, Carl locks her in the closet and leaves.

The Saviors beat the man up in the woods.

Enid asks Carl, “What happens if you don’t come back? How am I supposed to live with that?” Carl says, “Just survive somehow.”

Aaron wants to join Rick’s group as well and Rick tries to tell him no, but Aaron says Rick will have to tie him up again. Rick doesn’t argue with him either. Father Gabriel runs through the plan and asks Rick, “Are you comfortable leaving me in charge of Alexandria’s defense?” Rick says, “Yes.” Spencer asks if they should make a deal if the Saviors show up. Rick says to have them wait for him. And then Rick’s group sets out in the RV.

Morgan rides his new horse through the streets of a town where he comes upon a nearly unconscious Carol sitting on a doorstep. She says, “I told you not to come.” Morgan says, “And I’m going to start listening to you real soon.”

The Saviors now have the man lying in the middle of the road. They’re waiting for his people.

As Abraham drives the RV, Rick comforts a terrified Maggie, talking about how it’s always been “all of us.” She seems to calm down a little.

Morgan patches up Carol the best he can, but she needs stitches and antibiotics. He tells her that they’ll wait through the night, and at dawn they’ll head back to Alexandria. She says no.


Abraham sees the Saviors blocking the path, with the man face down in the road. Rick and the rest of the men get out of the RV and the lead Savior explains that this man is someone who belongs with a group that messed with them and that if Rick will just give them all of their stuff, they can be on their way. After one of them dies. Rick says that won’t work. He asks, “Do you want this to be your last day on Earth?” The leader says no. One of the Saviors spray paints an X on the man’s chest. The leader tells Rick to “Be kind to each other.” Rick says, “You do the same,” and he the others get back in the RV and drive away.

There are more strange lights and sounds and what sounds like possibly voices.

The RV is stopped on the side of the road. Carl sees a walker across a field. He asks Aaron why he didn’t stay behind and help guard the place. Aaron says, “I owe her,” meaning Maggie. “Why did you come?” Carl says, “I owe them.”

Eugene and Sasha search the map for an alternate route to the Hilltop and figure out a way to go. They set out again.

Carol and Morgan talk. Morgan explains that Rick came looking for her too, but that Daryl and some of the others didn’t even know she was gone yet. Carol says she can’t be there because she cares about them, but Morgan says that’s exactly why she has to be there. “Do you really just not get it?” Carol asks. “If you care about people, there are people you will protect. People you will kill for. And if you don’t want to kill, or if you can’t, you have to get away from them.” Morgan says that out here on her own, Carol will die. She says to let her and Morgan says that he can’t. Carol pulls a gun on him and tells him to go.

In the RV, Abraham asks Sasha if she could do what Glenn and Maggie did. She asks if he could and he says yes. They’ve been together about five minutes and they’re talking about babies? Abraham says he could now, “just so you know.” The path ahead is blocked by more Saviors. Abraham stops the RV. This time, they don’t get out, they just back up and find another way as one of the Saviors fires his gun into the air.

Outside, Morgan finds a walker hanging from some kind of scaffolding. He stabs it in the head. Then he goes back into the building to find Carol, but she’s gone. He jumps back onto the horse and rides off looking for her.

The RV has about a half a tank of gas. Sasha says the second set of men weren’t the same as the first. Abraham says they’re with the same group, but different soldiers. Abraham suddenly stops driving and everyone looks out the window. Rick says they can’t go through it because they’ll risk the RV.


Ever the wordsmith, Eugene says, “Putting together a Red Rover like that takes people. A lot of ’em.”

A collection of walkers are chained together. One of them has Michonne’s vest on and some of her hair. Another is wearing Daryl’s jacket.

As they try to figure out what to do, someone starts shooting at them. Rick manages to cut the chain connecting the walkers, they jump back into the RV and continue down the road without anyone getting shot.

The RV is making some sort of strange sound and they don’t know what it is. Eugene thinks it might be a bullet lodged in the undercarriage. They are low on gas, Maggie has spiked a fever. Rick notices the bullet holes through the side of the RV. He says, “They were aiming at our feet.” Abraham stops the RV again and gets Rick’s attention. The road ahead is full of Saviors. Rick says, “Go back.”

Morgan is still on horseback. He finds the rosary on the ground in the middle of the street.

Carol gets attacked by a walker and it’s not looking good for her, but she’s suddenly able to defend herself and kill it, and then is attacked by the Savior who’s been following her. She loses her knife and he holds a gun on her as she lies in the street. He says, “Each breath is getting harder. I probably don’t have too many more in me. So I’m going to make each one count.” He wants to stand there and watch Carol die. He shoots her in the arm.

There are more lights and sounds and definitely some voices.

Rick tends to Maggie and tells her they’re getting close to the Hilltop. He says the Saviors are gone now and she and the baby will be okay. He says, “This isn’t it. There’s gonna be more. ” She says, “I believe in you, Rick.”

Carol starts to smile. The Savior asks what’s wrong with her. She says, “There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m gonna die, so there’s nothing wrong with me anymore.” So he shoots her in the leg. “You think you’ve suffered enough now?” She says, “No, probably not.”  He starts to walk away and she says, “Unless you kill me now, I’m not gonna die.” She basically begs him to come back and finish her off. He comes back and aims the gun and Morgan says, “Stop. Drop it.” He says no and aims again at Carol. Morgan empties his gun into the Savior. Carol asks Morgan to please let her go, but Morgan says, “It’s not your time. You are gonna come back from this.”


A voice says, “What happened here?” Morgan says, “I found your horse. Found my friend too. She needs help.” The man from the barn in the last episode is wearing some kind of armor and says, “Well let’s get you some help.” He has a friend with him, too, but they seem safe.

The RV has come upon an even bigger roadblock as tree logs are stacked high. They get out to investigate and the man that had been better by the Saviors is thrown over the edge of a bridge to hang. They hear a voice say, “You treated your people good, right? Like it’s your last day on Earth? You better get going.” They get back into the RV and turn around as the logs burn.

Now stopped on a dirt path in the woods, the group tries to figure out another way to go. Sasha points out two more routes, but Abraham says they’re blocked. Eugene points out that they’re waiting on the RV (or Rust Bucket) but that the Saviors don’t know the moment-to-moment occupancy of said Rust Bucket. They decide to wait until dark and then make a move.

Eugene gives Rick instructions on how to build the bullets, just in case he doesn’t make it. Rick thanks him for everything and says, “We’re lucky you’re here.” Eugene says, “I won’t argue with that.” Abraham and Eugene share a moment and Abraham calls Eugene a survivor. “You always were. We just didn’t know it.” Eugene leaves with the RV while everyone else carries Maggie on foot.

Maggie asks Aaron to let her walk. Aaron says it’s just a couple more miles. Carl tells Rick they can do anything they need to do. He says, “What happened to Denise? I’m not gonna let anybody die like that again.”

As if on cue, strange whistling noises spread through the trees. Rick shouts, “Go! Go!” They start running through the woods, but the sounds get louder and closer until suddenly the group is standing in a clearing and surrounded by dozens of Saviors. The RV is part of the circle of cars around them. Eugene is on his knees.


The leader says, “Good, you made it. Welcome to where you’re going.” They take Rick’s weapons. Rick wants to talk, but the man says they’re done talking and it’s time to listen. He taunts Carl. Then he makes everyone get down on their knees, though Aaron insists they lower Maggie’s stretcher themselves instead of letting the Saviors do it. But they make Maggie get to her knees too.

Those lights and sounds are back, but this time a voice says, “Get the other ones!” and another voice says, “Dwight!” A door opens and Daryl, Glenn, Rosita, and Michonne are pulled out of the back of a van. Glenn sees Maggie and when he calls for her, he gets hit on the back and forced onto his knees.

The leader says, “All right. We got a full boat. Let’s meet the man.”

The RV door opens and, at long last, Negan steps out and says, “Pissing our pants yet?”

(Unfortunately, there aren’t any photos available yet.)

He stands in the middle of the circle, his barbed baseball bat over his shoulder and asks, “Which one of you is the leader?” One of the Saviors points out Rick and then Negan says, “You must be Rick. I’m Negan. And I do not appreciate you killing my people. Also, when I sent my people to kill your people for killing my people, you killed more of my people. Not cool.”

Negan goes on to explain that Rick shouldn’t mess with the New World Order, which is basically that everything belongs to Negan and that their job now is to work for Negan. “You thought you were safe. But the word is out. You are not safe. Not even close.”

For the first time in a long time, Rick looks terrified as he realizes that he hasn’t been in control at all.

Negan says, “I want you to work for me. You can’t do that if you’re dead.” But he explains that Rick has to pay for killing so many of his people. “So now, I’m gonna beat the holy hell out of one of you.” He introduces Rick to Lucille, his terrifying baseball bat.

“All of this is so that we can pick out which one of you gets the honor.” Abraham starts to stand up. Negan tells him no. Negan approaches Carl to talk about the guns. He stops in front of Maggie and says he should put her out of her misery, but Glenn tries to run forward to protect her. Negan orders them to put Glenn back in line, and then says that the first outburst was free.

Then it occurs to Negan that Carl is Rick’s son and when Rick yells at him to stop this, Negan says, “You wouldn’t want me to kill the future serial killer now, would you?”

And then he plays the most diabolical game of Eeny Meeny Miney Moe that the world has ever seen. He points Lucille at each of Rick’s group in turn, taunting them.

The camera goes to first person and Negan says, “Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy’s other eye out and feed it to his father and then we’ll stop. You can breathe, you can blink, you can cry. Hell, you’re all gonna be doing that.” And then he hits someone over the head. “Oh! Look at that! Taking it like a champ!” The beating sound continues as the screen fades to black.

And that’s the end of season 6. What did you think of the finale? What did you think of the season as a whole? And what did you think of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as the infamous Negan?

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