On television so many shows cross our path and some are works of art while others don’t even make the cut. Louie C.K. has proven that if you take responsibility for your work and put all your passion and love into it it’ll be a success. Louie C.K. has set the bar for dark comedy with his show Louie.

The third season of Louie just wrapped up and I would be lying if I said the seasons don’t continuously get better and smarter. C.K. has always been a great comic, and what’s made him a great comic is that he’s brutally honest about everything from his kids, to his broken marriage, to his weight, to pointing out how dishonest show business can really be. Louie is a hit is because unlike so many other comedians, he has the courage to take that brutal honesty and dark humor and bring it to life. He makes a point of saying what he thinks, and what we’re all afraid to say and portraying those situations on television.

It’s quite obvious that I’m a huge fan of Louie C.K. and that I have so much respect for him. The first season of his show was very good, the second was extremely intelligent and his latest season was brilliant. Louie always has some sort of commentary in each episode and the audience feels for the guy and wants him to succeed. But what’s great about Louie is its simplicity. He doesn’t try to get our laughs like other shows do, his physical and emotional comedy are just that good where you can’t help but laugh. He’s just a real guy telling real stories.

In the previous seasons of Louie, every episode is its own episode and doesn’t really leave anything unsaid. This season he linked most of the episodes and turned the whole season into one big story. His best work is done towards the end of the season where he depicts the course of action some people will go to for money. This season Louie also had its share of guest stars including Melissa Leo, Joan Rivers, Parker Posey, Robin Williams, Amy Poehler, and Chloë Sevigny.

Louie C.K. is a brilliant writer, director and comedian. And his show is one of the best shows on television, and it’s a shame it doesn’t receive the accolades it deserves. Louie is a fantastic show; I only wish it was on all year round.