Ever heard of Gordon Ramsey? That great chef who goes into other people’s restaurants and completely takes it over? Ever heard of Tabatha Coffey? She is that amazing stylist who goes into other peoples salons and also takes over? Well now we have Paul Fisher, who is apparently a legend in the modeling industry, I know this because he says this on repeat during his first episode of Remodeled.

Remolded is a show about the modeling industry. Paul Fisher owns a company called, The Network, and in his network (clever name, right?) he wants all of these modeling agencies from around the world to join it. But before they can join The Network, they have to receive his stamp of approval first.

Part of the show is documenting the inner workings of the modeling world, displaying casting auditions and how hard it really is to become a model. All the stuff you would normally see on another CW hit, America’s Next Top Model. The other part of the show is Paul remodeling these modeling agencies and being a big asshole.

When Gordon Ramsey or Tabatha Coffey help a failing business, they are doing it because they genuinely want to help them. Paul Fisher does it because if he doesn’t, he won’t get any models to become a part of his Network. He’s such a thoughtful man, helping others to help him. But then don’t question him, he’s a legend.

This show is a joke, it’s terrible. And my favorite part of the show is Paul’s assistant, Joseph. When he speaks, I’m amazed and laughing my ass off. I am so happy I’m not the type of person who ever wanted to get into modeling because that world sucks.

Remodeled is a stupid show. I’m pretty sure this show is in the process of being cancelled. YAY!