A sequel to “Edge of Tomorrow” has been in the works for a while. But now, Warner Bros. Pictures has decided that it is officially moving forward. According to Deadline Hollywood, the reason for the sequel’s delay has been due to scripting issues. However, Warner Bros. have a new screenwriter on board.

Writer Matthew Robinson, who scribed “The Invention of Lying,” is set to write the script. Next, they’re hoping to get stars Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt to return. Also, director Doug Liman, who helmed the first film, is being eyed to come back as well. Although, Liman will still work with Robinson on the script.

The first “Edge of Tomorrow” follows Earth being under attack by aliens who’re so powerful that military forces cannot defeat them. Tom Cruise plays an officer thrown into battle despite having no combat experience. After a fight with an alien, he becomes caught in a time loop where he comes back to life every time he dies. With the help of a soldier named Rita Vitarski (Blunt), he tries finding a way to defeat the aliens. However, he must die over and over until he and Vitarski can find a solution.

The film was based on a Japanese manga called “All You Need Is Kill” written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. In addition, it grossed over $370 million worldwide. Also, while Tom Cruise may be the bigger name, it still announced Emily Blunt as an action star. Blunt even won the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Actress in an Action Movie.

It’s unclear what the sequel’s title will be. Also, who knows what enemy Cruise and Blunt could face this time around. But regardless, the sequel moving forward should currently be enough to give fans anticipation.

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