Warner Brothers wants a female filmmaker for ‘Wonder Woman’

wonderwomanBeyond the fact that Warner Brothers is actually going to finally mount a Wonder Woman movie, the most interesting part of this likely 2017 release is that the hunt is on for a female director. Now, it makes perfect sense for a woman to be pursued to make this film, but as we all know, it rarely happens in general in Hollywood, so this is doubly notable. According to a source, WB has a long list of names they’re interested in, topped by Kathryn Bigelow, obviously. She’s clearly a long shot, with the rest of the bigger names mentioned including Catherine Hardwicke, Karyn Kusama, Mimi Leder, and Julie Taymor. There are also some TV directors mentioned, like Tricia Brock and Michelle MacLaren, as well, though nothing about almost Marvel helmer Patty Jenkins or one of the more obvious choices to me in Lexi Alexander (who’s actually a veteran of superhero movies already). The film is years away, so we might not have a filmmaker attached for months still, but assuming it’s not going to be Bigelow, I’m intrigued by Leder. Deep Impact is an incredibly underrated flick to me, so I think she’d be able to ace this. In any event, Gal Gadot will be the title character in Wonder Woman after making an appearance in at least one DC superhero movie prior to that. Stay tuned for more on this film when we have it…

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