WATCH: A24 Releases First Trailer for ‘Gloria Bell’ Starring Julianne Moore

The film “Gloria” from Sebastián Lelio was met with much fanfare in 2013. The story about a woman who finds her own way resonated with audiences around the globe. It helped to establish Lelio as a director to watch in America. Now, with an Oscar-winning foreign feature under his belt, and the acclaimed “Disobedience,” Lelio decided to return to “Gloria.” This time, remaking the film as “Gloria Bell” he filmed the story with an all-English cast, led by Julianne Moore. Today, A24 released the trailer for the upcoming indie film.

“Gloria Bell” looks like a feel-good time and puts Moore into the spotlight. The Oscar-winning actress looks as enjoyable as ever, proving that she can lead an indie comedy in just a few scenes. Moore has proven to be one of the very best actresses of her generation and continues that claim here. She received rave reviews from the Toronto International Film Festival, where “Gloria Bell” debuted. A24 quickly scooped up the rights and opted to put the film into an early 2019 slot. Featuring a fun cast, including the criminally underrated John Turturro, the comedy looks to bring the same energy and fun as the original.

It is not unheard of for directors to remake their own films. In fact, Alfred Hitchcock did so with several of his shorts. This helps add a genuine passion to “Gloria Bell” and the story it tells. Lilio clearly attracted a strong group of performers to the story. With a cast that includes Moore, Turturro, Michael CeraJeanne Tripplehorn and more, it appears that A24 will have a hit on their hands. It’ll be curious if they bring “Gloria Bell” to Sundance, but if they want to build buzz for this one, it might be in their best interest.

What do you think of Lilio remaking “Gloria” himself? Can A24 sustain the buzz for “Gloria Bell” and Moore over a full year? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

“Gloria Bell” will open on March 9, 2019. A24 will distribute. 

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