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WATCH: ‘All Is True’ Releases First Trailer With Branagh and Dench as Mr. & Mrs. Shakespeare

All is True

One of the films that remains unseen by most prognosticators has been “All Is True,” a new film from Kenneth Branagh. The famed actor and thespian set his film with Sony Pictures Classics late in the game, just a few weeks ago. However, with a veteran cast of actors, including Judi Dench and Ian McKellen, the film looks to break into the awards race. On the eve of the Golden Globe nominations, SPC has released their first trailer for the film, and looks like it could make waves late.

All Is True Judi Dench Branagh, long regarded as one of the great Shakespearean actors of all time, will take on the role of William Shakespeare. Branagh earned his first nominations for “Henry V” and went on to adapt several more of his works for cinema. Dench also has background with Shakespeare, beyond winning her Oscar for supporting actress in “Shakespeare in Love” in 1998. Of course, McKellen has also been considered an all-time thespian on the stage, and while he became a household name for blockbuster films, this is more his speed.

Kenneth Branagh

All three of the actors look to be giving excellent performances, specifically Dench and Branagh. The actor has long been considered an overdue performer, but recently took time to direct more commercial fare. Branagh has two performing nominations, as well as two writing nominations. Unlike Dench, Branagh never won an Oscar, but remains a force in Hollywood to this day. It’ll be curious if he can find room in a race with Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale. Meanwhile, Dench could mount a campaign in one of the actress categories. Depending on her perspective, she might be placed in supporting. With so much emotional material, she could really pop. It’ll be curious to see if she can make the lineup.

What do you think of Branagh and Dench in the “All Is True” trailer? Let us know what you think in the comments below! 

“All Is True” opens Dec. 21, 2018. Sony Pictures Classics distributes. 

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Calvin Damon

I feel like this film has arrived too late and that it should’ve been pushed to next year, but you never know


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