WATCH: ‘Birds of Passage’ Trailer Shows the Beginning of the Columbia Drug Trade

"Birds of Passage"

Columbia has begun to push it’s submission to the Oscars, “Birds of Passage,” toward a Foreign Language nomination. The country submitted the Cristina Gallego and Ciro Guerra directed film that looks back to the origins of the drug trade in Columbia. The results have been met with wide acclaim from various corners of the film world, earning “Birds of Passage” a 93% on Rotten Tomatoes. With many singing the film’s praises, the first trailer for the Columbia feature released today from The Orchard.

Gallego and Guerra last collaborated on “Embrace of the Serpent” from 2015. That film earned a nomination for Best Foreign Language Film from the Oscars in 2016. It also represented Columbia that year. “Birds of Passage” has posted similar critics remarks to that feature, and added Gallego as a director. On “Embrace of the Serpent,” she worked as an executive producer. For The Orchard, the narrative of Guerra dividing up his directorial duties to help Gallego receive her debut directing credit should be a powerful narrative to help it stand out in a very tough Foreign Language Feature race.

Additionally, the imagery of the film looks excellent. The costume designs stand out as some of the best in any feature this year. The same goes for the cinematography. The drug war in this feature helps sell the epic nature of the struggle, one that will eventually turn Columbia into a hot spot for drug trafficking around the world. By diving into the dark past of the country, and telling a new story from that era, we may get new insight into the conflict. Even in a very deep Foreign Language Feature race, “Birds of Passage” has a strong chance to make noise.

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“Birds of Passage” opens in limited release on Feb. 13, 2019. The Orchard distributes. 

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