WATCH: Brand New Trailer Drops For ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’


We’re just over a month away from a new “Star Wars” movie hitting screens. After years without, we’ve officially entered the portion of human history where each year will have a new one to digest. May has the second non Saga outing coming our way, which is of course our Han Solo origin story. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” looks to overcome its troubled production history and delight fans. To that end, a second Full Trailer has dropped for the film, helping to amp up buzz. This franchise needs no help finding an audience, but any good publicity for this one is welcomed by LucasFilm, without question.

The official Star Wars website has the new Trailer, along with a new Poster, both of which we’ll share below. Helmed by Ron Howard (after taking over for the fired Phil Lord and Chris Miller), “Solo: A Star Wars Story” features Alden Ehrenreich as the beloved title character, with a great supporting cast that includes Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover, Woody Harrelson, among others. The tale of our favorite smuggler’s formative years, this could be the first in a long line or origin stories for the series. Of course, the film has to deliver the goods. We’ll know in late May, after a Cannes Film Festival bow, but the potential is there. For the powers that be, anything focused on the actual final product will be welcome news. This promotional material is a clear step in that direction.

Here now is the new Trailer for “Solo: A Star Wars Story,” in all its glory:

Look for more “Solo: A Star Wars Story” coverage right up until its May 25th release date. Until then, we have the Trailer, along with the aforementioned new Poster, which you check out now: