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WATCH: Daniel Radcliffe Plays An Underachieving Angel In ‘Miracle Workers’


Although Daniel Radcliffe will always be Harry Potter to us, it is admirable to see him go for such varied projects. From “Kill Your Darlings” to “Swiss Army Man,” he has stretched himself in independent films since “Harry Potter” ended. But now, he is rather interestingly going down the route of television. By starring in the upcoming comedy series “Miracle Workers,” Radcliffe is going from being magical to getting Biblical.

In “Miracle Workers,” Daniel Radcliffe plays Craig, a low-level angel responsible for handling humanity’s prayers. But his job becomes complicated once God decides to destroy Earth. As he takes a fellow angel under his wing, they attempt to pull off an impossible miracle to prevent Earth’s destruction: Make two people fall in love.

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A sitcom set in the offices of Heaven proves to be an intriguing, fun premise. Also, besides Daniel Radcliffe, you have the always reliable Steve Buscemi playing God himself. Buscemi has an underrated gift for sardonic comedy and his gift seems to be put in good use. Geraldine Viswanathan from “Blockers” and Karan Soni, who appears as Dopinder in the “Deadpool” films, star as well.

It’s a dynamic and diverse cast in what seems like a rather heartfelt sitcom. Even if “Miracle Workers” doesn’t make anyone a religious believer, it should at least provide feelings of humor and warmth. After all, that is the likely mission of any sitcom. This particular sitcom in particular looks like it has a fine balance between being humorous and heartfelt.

What do you guys think? Are you excited by Daniel Radcliffe’s move to television? Also, does this project look exciting? Please share your thoughts in the comments section!

“Miracle Workers” premieres Feb. 12, 2019, on TBS. 

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Written by Matt St.Clair

Matt St.Clair is a freelance film journalist currently residing in Connecticut. He is a member of the Gay & Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association and the Online Film & Television Association.


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