WATCH: Deadpool Is Recruiting a Team in Final Trailer for ‘Deadpool 2’


With one month to go before “Deadpool 2” hits theaters, 20th Century Fox released a final trailer. At least, they say it’s final. When it come to the wise-cracking mutant, anything is possible. This is, after all, a campaign that channeled beloved PBS personality Bob Ross, special ironic editions of the magazine “Good Housekeeping,” and some fan favorite tweets during the Super Bowl.

The first “Deadpool” film broke several box office records in 2016. At the time, it had the highest openings for a February opening, a President’s Day weekend, winter openings, etc. Of course, these records were broken this year by “Black Panther,” but for a superhero that wasn’t an Avenger, the numbers were huge.

“Deadpool” still holds the records for highest grossing in the “X-Men” franchise, for an R-rated comic adaptation, and for Superhero Comedy. And even with its February release, it ended the year as the sixth highest grossing film of 2016. It went on to two Golden Globe nominations, plus surprise nominations from the Directors and Writers Guilds.

Needless to say, expectations for the sequel are running high.

Ryan Reynolds reprises his role as Wade Wilson/Deadpool. He previously played the character in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine,” before spinning off to his own origin film. Because of the Wolverine connection, many fans are speculating that Hugh Jackman might make a cameo appearance here.

Reynolds reunites with Morena Baccarin and T.J. Miller. Brianna Hildebrand also returns, as well as a crop of new players that includes Terry Crews, Eddie Marsan, and Zazie Beetz. Josh Brolin stars as the villainous Cable, and Bill Skarsgård, whose character has not yet been confirmed. But, of course, there are plenty of theories.

Rhett Reese & Paul Wernick are back as the writers, while David Leitch takes over directing duties from Tim Miller. Leitch previously directed “Atomic Blonde.”

20th Century Fox is releasing the film on May 18.

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