Denzel Washington is doing something he has never done before. A sequel.

The two-time Academy Award winning actor and director has starred in dozens of films over his career. Some of them were remakes of previous films, many were adaptations of other works. But he has never made a sequel until now.

In “The Equalizer 2,” Washington returns as Robert McCall, a vigilante dedicated to finding justice for the oppressed. Usually in violent ways. This time, though, he faces his toughest challenge when he has to fight for someone he loves.

Washington won his first actor for the 1989 film, “Glory,” after a previous nomination for “Cry Freedom” in 1987. He was nominated again for “Malcolm X” and “The Hurricane,” before winning a second award for “Training Day” in 2001. He went on to three additional actor nominations for “Flight,” “Fences,” and “Roman J. Israel, Esq.” His 2016 film, “Fences,” also earned him a nomination for Best Picture.

He is joined in “The Equalizer 2” by Pedro Pascal (“Game of Thrones”), Ashton Sanders (“Moonlight”), Bill Pullman (“Battle of the Sexes”) and Melissa Leo (“Novitiate”).

Antoine Fuqua returns to direct the sequel. He also directed the first film, and has directed Washington in “Training Day” and “The Magnificent Seven.” Fuqua also developed a TV series based on “Training Day,” and produces “The Resident” for Fox.

Richard Wenk is back as the screenwriter on this project. He also wrote the first, which was based on the television series created by Michael Sloan and Richard Lindheim. Wenk also “16 Blocks,” “The Expendables 2,” and “Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.”

Columbia Pictures will distribute the film, which will be in theaters July 20.

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