WATCH: First Trailer Released for ‘Capernaum’ the Lebanese Selection for Oscar


Nadine Labacki has produced stellar work in her upcoming film “Capernaum.” The story of a young boy living in poverty has resonated with audiences around the country. It has already taken home an audience award for its stellar storytelling and composition. “Capernaum” received strong reviews from the Hamptons Film Festival as well. Overall, the foreign language film is off to a strong start. Today, Sony Pictures Classics has released the first trailer for the film.

The official synopsis from IMDb can be found below:

“Capernaun” (“Chaos”) tells the story of Zain (Zain al Rafeea), a Lebanese boy who sues his parents for the “crime” of giving him life. The film follows Zain as he journeys from gutsy, streetwise child to hardened 12-year-old “adult” fleeing his negligent parents, surviving through his wits on the streets, taking care of Ethiopian refugee Rahil and her baby son Yonas, being jailed for a violent crime, and finally, seeking justice in a courtroom.

The film features a combination of flashbacks and high concept storytelling to deliver a very compelling narrative. Young actor Zain al Rafeea gives one of the very best performances from a child actor in recent years. He showcases a penchant for acting but brings humanity and heart to moments throughout. Rafeea should be one to watch with an extremely emotional performance like this.

Labaki will get credit for the work throughout as well. With a lot of footage, she was able to stitch together genuine performances from young children. The film feels similiar to “Lion” or “Slumdog Millionaire,” but that frankly sells the film short. The first trailer gives a glimpse of that, and should be one of the frontrunners to make the Academy shortlist.

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“Capernaum” releases on Dec. 14, 2018. Sony Pictures Classics distributes. 

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