WATCH: ‘Green Book’ Starring Mahershala Ali and Viggo Mortenson Releases Trailer

Green Book

There are few actors that can simply disappear into almost any role they play. Yet Viggo Mortenson continues to be one of those actors. When news broke that he would co-headline a film with the Oscar-winning actor Mahershala Ali, there were some who began to question whether or not the film could be a contender. That picture, “Green Book,” released its first trailer today. From the look of it, it’s Mortenson as we’ve never seen him. Even more exciting, Ali looks to be in top form once again.

The trailer for “Green Book” looks fairly basic in its construction. From the intro music (that was also featured in “Baby Driver”) to the melodramatic flare the film features, it looks like a fairly Oscar-baity movie. What changes it up from the formula seems to be Mortenson and Ali, who both appear to be giving rather unique performances. Ali strips back his style a little, playing a more controlled character than in years in past. Yet the subtlety he pumps into the role is still an extra level than most actors give. Meanwhile, Mortenson dons an accent, some extra weight and a physicality we haven’t seen from him in a while. The two look like they’ll push for consideration in the Oscar categories.

Still, there’s something about “Green Book” that feels a little behind the times. While a similar aesthetic worked for “Hidden Figures,” that’s not something you can bank on to get Oscar nominations. With Peter Farrelly directing, it’s not exactly a surefire awards contender. That said, directors change their style over time. This one looks like it’s got some pretty strong work in the costume, production design, and makeup/hairstyling departments as well. This could be a suprise player later in Oscar season.

What do you think of “Green Book?” What about Ali and Mortenson as contenders for the Oscars? Let us hear your thoughts below!

“Green Book” releases on November 21st, 2018. Universal Pictures will distribute.