“Marjorie Prime” is a moving study of the connections between human emotion, memory and futuristic technology, with some true Hollywood stars to boot. The film follows an aging Marjorie who reminisces on her one true love with the help of an AI hologram of him, and unfolds a complex look at the imperfections of a nostalgic mind. In general, the film is comparable only to “Her,” which also featured an AI lover, but has a distinct storyline and point of view unlike any other.

Official poster for “Marjorie Prime.”

“Marjorie Prime” stars Lois Smith (“True Blood”) in the titular role, along with Jon Hamm (“Mad Men”), Geena Davis (“Commander in Chief”), and Tim Robbins (“The Brink”). Michael Almereyda (“Experimenter”) directed “Marjorie Prime,” which won the Alfred P. Sloan Feature Film Prize at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. The film is based off Jordan Harrison’s play of the same name, which was nominated for the 2014 Pulitzer Prize; Smith originated the role on stage and reprises it in the film.

Smith landed her first big role in “East of Eden” alongside the likes of James Dean and Julie Harris, and her career has spanned over seven decades. She was drawn to the play turned film because of its “humanism,” telling EW, “The beauty of it, to me is its humanism and seeing how it connects how we live and explore connections with each other, our family, and memory.” She hopes viewers take the story with them long after the film has ended, stressing “Marjorie Prime’s” ability to touch each viewer in a unique way:

“It’s a very different thing with different people. Each person brings their experience to it… it’s fascinating how differently people take this film. I wish for people to join it, enjoy it, and take it home with them, and I believe they will.”

“Marjorie Prime” premieres in limited theaters in NYC and LA on Aug. 18, and will hit screens everywhere soon after. Watch the official trailer below, and take a look at the official poster, pictured above.


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