WATCH: ‘House of Cards’ Reminds You How Dangerous Robin Wright Can Be

House Of Cards Season 6

Few shows go through as much as the cast of “House of Cards” did late last year. The series was primed to go out on top, coming off a decent season 5. However, when allegations about its star, Kevin Spacey ran through the entertainment industry, he quickly slipped off a mountain. Spacey had been one of the biggest stars in the world, winning two Oscars in the late 1990s. He also headlined the first true Netflix success. However, the allegations were despicable and led to multiple investigations, and he was kicked off the series. Luckily for “House of Cards,” they had an ace in their back pocket. Watch out for Robin Wright and Michael Kelly.

The new “House of Cards” season picks up with Claire Underwood, (Robin Wright) as President of the United States. The show had edged towards a finale, and now Claire will see out the end of the Underwood administration without Frank. Wright, a multi-Emmy nominee in her own right, deserved this opportunity to lead. Considering her poise throughout the series as the writers pushed her to the edge, she remains one of Netflix’s best nominees ever.

Now with “House of Cards” in its final year, they are pulling out the big guns. Both Claire and Doug Stamper (Michael Kelly) seem to be clicking at 100%. They are intense and bring out the best in each other over the course of the trailer. Kelly seems locked in and, having received Emmy nods for playing the character, he might be primed for career-best work. Considering we just watched Matthew Rhys win an Emmy for his final season, they each stand a chance. However, “Game of Thrones” will cast a big shadow in its final season. Until then, get excited for Wright to make an honest push.

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“House of Cards” will release on Nov. 2, 2018, on Netflix. 


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