A new trailer of “Hurley” offers a new look at the famous race-car driver. Specifically, it shows how he made an impact on the world of racing, both inside and outside of the track.

Hurley Haywood comes from the world of 1970s motor racing. He is a five-time 24 Hours of Daytona winner, three-time Le Mans winner, and Trans-Am champion. In addition to that, he has a movie-star look and belongs to an affluent midwestern family.

However, he has kept a secret about himself that he hadn’t revealed until last year. Haywood is a gay man. Despite constant public appearances with women, some of whom included penthouse models, he always remained elusive about his private life.

The film uses archival footage and exclusive interviews, including Patrick Dempsey, who serves as an executive producer. Dempsey is more well-known for his roles in the Disney movie “Enchanted” and the tv show “Grey’s Anatomy.” He also has a passion for racing, which is the main reason why he has stepped away from acting over the years.

The movie looks of great interest to fans of race-car driving, as well as people who are interested in LGBT athletes and how they make it into sports. There is certainly a lot of material to examine, not just in racing, but in all sports in general.

The documentary looks to reveal a greater insight into Haywood’s life, as well as his balance between career and sexuality. Derek Dodge is the writer and director, as well as a co-producer. This will be his directorial debut.

The Orchard will release “Hurley” on digital and on-demand March 26, 2019.

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