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WATCH: Hypnotic First Trailer for ‘Siberia’ With Willem Dafoe

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Ahead of its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival on Feb. 24, the first trailer for Abel Ferrara’s hypnotic “Siberia” has been released as first shared by IndieWire, with Academy Award nominee Willem Dafoe (“At Eternity’s Gate”) collaborating with the veteran independent filmmaker for the seventh time.

The film is currently seeking U.S. distribution, with Ferrara having co-written the screenplay alongside Christ Zois who previously worked together on the French-American “Welcome to New York” starring Gérard Depardieu. The official website for the Berlin Film Festival includes the following synopsis for the upcoming project on their site:

“A man flees from one world to another that is strange and cold. Furs and fires keep him warm; a cave serves as his shelter. He is a broken man who wants to be alone. But even isolation does not bring him inner peace. Once again, he goes on a journey, this time into the self. He explores his dreams, confronts memories and seeks out visions. The rare encounters with other people are in languages he does not speak, determined by bodies that fascinate him, and by types of love he explores and then loses. His journey becomes a dance with demons, but time and again it flares up: light. In cinema history there have been many attempts to portray the mythical as something intimate, and the radical as a personal journey. But there is only one artist who is as wildly anarchistic, metaphysically mysterious, and at the same time god-obsessed and fanatical about the truth: Abel Ferrara, joining forces here once again with his acting alter ego, Willem Dafoe. While his previous film Tommaso explored the way desire plays out in families, in Siberia the (male) ego abandons all semblance of everyday life in a tumultuous montage. To expose and discover himself.”

Along with Dafoe, the film also stars Dounia Sichov, Simon McBurney, Cristina Chiriac, and Daniel Giménez Cach. Stefano Falivene provides the cinematography, who previously worked with Ferrara on “Pasolini” as well as Wes Anderson’s “The Life Aquatic.” Joe Delia provides the music and the film is edited by Fabio Nunziata and Leonardo Daniel Bianchi.

Dafoe has been one of the busiest actors working today, having appeared in five films last year alone, including Edward Norton’s “Motherless Brooklyn” and the black & white horror “The Lighthouse” from Robert Eggers, for which he won Best Supporting Actor at the Independent Spirit Awards. He picked up back-to-back Oscar nominations in 2018 and 2019 for “The Florida Project” and “At Eternity’s Gate,” and his upcoming slate proves Dafoe is in for another stellar few months. Along with “Siberia” he will feature in Wes Anderson’s “The French Dispatch” as well as “Tropico” and “The Card Counter” which are in pre-production. He is currently filming on Guillermo Del Toro’s “Nightmare Alley.”

Below is the mesmerizing trailer for “Siberia,” which has its premiere at the Berlin Film Festival Feb. 24 and was released by The Match Factory:

What do you think of the trailer for “Siberia?” Let us know in the comments below!

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Written by Bradley Weir

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