WATCH: Jodie Foster Checks Sterling K. Brown into ‘Hotel Artemis’ in Official Trailer

Jeff Goldblum, Zachary Quinto and Jodie Foster in HOTEL ARTEMIS to be released by Global Road Entertainment.

Global Road Entertainment released the official trailer for its upcoming sci fi/action/thriller, “Hotel Artemis.”

The film takes place in a near-future Los Angeles where the streets are dangerous riot zones. One woman, The Nurse, runs a secret safe haven and hospital for criminals who need a place to hide. The secret hospital is known as Hotel Artemis.

Academy Award winner Jodie Foster stars as The Nurse. Foster won Oscars for her leading roles in “The Accused” in 1988 and “The Silence of the Lambs” in 1991. She was also nominated for her supporting performance in “Taxi Driver” in 1977 and leading in “Nell” in 1994. Foster’s last feature film role was in “Elysium” in 2013. She has, however, been busy behind the camera as a director.

Sterling K. Brown also stars in “Hotel Artemis” as a criminal in need of refuge. Brown currently stars on the hit NBC series “This Is Us,” where he has earned both a Golden Globe an a Primetime Emmy Award. He also earned an Emmy for his portrayal of Assistant District Attorney Christopher Darden in “The People vs. OJ Simpson.” He also stars in “Black Panther,” which is still in theaters.

“Hotel Artemis” also stars quite the supporting cast, including Dave Bautista (“Guardians of the Galaxy”), Sofia Boutella (“Atomoic Blonde”), Jenny Slate (“Gifted”), and Charlie Day (“Pacific Rim: Uprising”). Other familiar faces include Zachary Quinto (“Star Trek”), Brian Tyree Henry (“Atlanta”), and Kenneth Choi (“Spider-Man: Homecoming”). Jeff Goldblum also appears.

Drew Pearce writes and directs the film. This is his feature debut as a director, but he was one of the writers for “Iron Man 3,” and worked with Christopher McQuarrie on the story for “Mission: Impossible—Rogue Nation.” He has also been involved in several Lego/Marvel projects.

“Hotel Artemis” opens June 8.

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