WATCH: Laurie Strode Is Ready to Face Michael Myers in Official Trailer for ‘Halloween’


Halloween” is coming.

Universal Pictures released the official trailer for the upcoming horror sequel.

Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, 40 years after Michael Myers stalked and murdered babysitters on a fateful Halloween in 1978. The story started with Myers escaping from an institution where he had stayed for 15 years after murdering his sister when he was only 6. He was apprehended after his own psychiatrist shot him. In the intervening years, Michael has been locked away in an institution. and Laurie has spent decades preparing for an eventual reunion. Not only does Curtis return as Laurie, but Nick Castle will once again don the mask and play Michael Myers.

After the success of “Halloween,” there were three sequels spread over the years, and Curtis appeared in all of them, in some form or another. This film, though, is a direct sequel to the original, apparently ignoring the other films.

Curtis leaped to stardom after the original film. She went on to star in films like “Trading Places,” “A Fish Called Wanda,” “True Lies,” and more.

The film also stars Judy Greer as Laurie’s daughter, Karen. Will Patton stars, too.

John Carpenter wrote and directed the original film. This time around, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride took over the duties of writing, with Green also directing.

One thing that sparked excitement from eager fans was the score. “Halloween” utilizes the same score from the original film. Carpenter wrote the iconic score.

The film is a co-production. Universal Pictures and Blumhouse have been working together on the project. Malek Akkad, Bill Block, and Jason Blum are producing.

The film is coming to theaters on October 19, nearly 40 years to the day after the original.

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