Seeing Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o ward off zombies is something the world didn’t know it needed. A red-band trailer for Abe Forsythe‘s “Little Monsters,” starring Nyong’o has been released online. The kooky and gory comedy premiered at Sundance Film Festival this year. The trailer sees Nyong’o in a setting far different than her dual role in Jordan Peele’s “Us.” The film also stars Alexander England (“Alien: Covenant”) and Josh Gad (“Frozen”).

LITTLE MONSTERS follows Dave (Alexander England), a washed-up musician who volunteers to chaperone his nephew’s kindergarten class field trip after taking a serious liking to the fearless schoolteacher, Miss Caroline (Lupita Nyong’o). Dave’s intentions are complicated by the presence of the world’s most famous kids’ show personality and competition for Miss Caroline’s affections, Teddy McGiggle (Josh Gad).

One thing none of them bargained for, however, is a sudden zombie outbreak. Will Dave rise to the occasion and have a chance at Miss Caroline’s heart, or will the zombies get there first?

Forysthe’s Australian zombie flick premiered in Utah to excited praise. It went on to screen at South By Southwest Film Festival as well as winning the Golden Raven award at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film. This is his fourth feature length film, which he both writes and directs. His last project was the black comedy drama, “Down Under.” Nyong’o, who won an Oscar for her role in Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave,” proves she is just as charismatic with a fun script as she is with hard-hitting dramas.

“Little Monsters” is produced by Made Up Stories, Protagonist Pictures and Snoot Entertainment. It will release to the UK and Ireland on November 15. Neon and Hulu acquired domestic distribution rights to the film, which has yet to set a US release date.

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