WATCH: New ‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ Trailer Shows Off A Lot of Monsters


Back in 2014, the “MonsterVerse” got off to a fast start. “Godzilla,” directed by Gareth Edwards, raked in money around the world. Making more than $500 million worldwide, Warner Bros. was quick to greenlight “Kong: Skull Island” in the following years. That film went on to a Best Visual Effects nomination at Oscar and also topped $500 million worldwide. The universe will keep expanding in the coming years, but we’re getting another solo vehicle for the iconic reptilian monster first. Today Warner Bros. released a trailer for “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” and gives us another look at Millie Bobby Brown as one of our leads.

The film undeniably shows off the big ticket fights that many wanted from the first film. Rather than a more hidden Godzilla as we got last time, the big man is ever-present. It is not just Godzilla either. We got looks at some legendary Godzilla villains, including MothraRodan, and King Ghidorah. The trio of creatures have been pests for the world for years, and reuniting them to fight Godzilla should give audiences some big budget spectacle.

The cast also begins to populate the film with the new trailer. We’ve gotten looks at Millie Bobby Brown in almost every piece of footage. Vera FarmigaKyle ChandlerThomas Middleditch, and Ken Watanabe will all play roles in the film as well. This time, the director’s chair falls to Michael Dougherty, perhaps best known for his work on “Trick ‘R Treat” and “Krampus.” While that does not necessarily speak to someone about to direct a tentpole film, it could speak to the lighter tone “King of Monsters” hopes to capture. With any luck, this one will take on some of the humor from “Kong” and bring a more action-adventure spin to the Godzilla films.

What do you think of the new “Godzilla” trailer? Can the increased number of creatures and monsters help the franchise forward? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

“Godzilla: King of the Monsters” opens May 31, 2019. Warner Bros. and Legendary distribute. 

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