When Guillermo Del Toro directed the original “Hellboy” films, he introduced audiences to a new breed of superhero. However, both films delivered minor box office results. As a result, a reboot was greenlit. Because Del Toro’s films have their fans, people are probably skeptical over how the reboot will fair. However, the latest red band trailer for the upcoming reboot may surprise people.

Emmy nominee David Harbour is playing the titular hero this time around. Previously, Ron Perlman occupied the role and admittedly, his performance might be a tough act to follow. But Harbour looks like he’s capable of filling Perlman’s shoes. Plus, it helps that Harbour has experience saving people from the supernatural. He’s going from the suburbs of Indiana in “Stranger Things” to stopping the apocalypse in Britain.

Although, he won’t be facing the apocalypse alone. In addition to Harbour, Ian McShane co-stars as Trevor Bruttenholm, Hellboy’s adoptive father and founder of the B.P.R.D.. Meanwhile, Milla Jovovich plays the film’s antagonist known as Nimue, the Queen of Blood. Plus, Daniel Dae Kim, who famously replaced Ed Skrein, plays Ben Daimio, a shapeshifting B.P.R.D. agent. Names like Sasha Lane, Sophie Okonedo, and Thomas Haden Church round out the rest of the supporting cast.

Also, Neil Marshall is at the film’s helm. Thanks to films like “The Descent” and “Doomsday,” he’s got a fair amount of experience with genre pictures. Plus, he has directed two episodes of “Game of Thrones” as well. So, a film about sorcery and monsters with gory violence seems up his alley. There may be those that’ll miss what Guillermo Del Toro brought to his films. But Neil Marshall seems like he captures the spirit of the main character while adding his own creative touch.

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“Hellboy” will be released in theaters on Apr. 12, 2019 by Summit Entertainment.