WATCH: New Teaser for ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ Features the…Revengers?

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A new teaser for “Thor: Ragnarok” reveals Thor’s terrible naming skills. During the NFL’s regular season opener on Thursday night, Marvel fans got another glimpse at the upcoming Marvel film, set for release this November. It seems that all hands are on deck in an epic battle between Thor, Hela, and the Asgard apocalypse.

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Tom Hiddleston as Loki.

Previous trailers have revealed that Thor has been captured by Hela, his hammer Mjölnir halfway across the universe and Ragnarok– Asgard’s apocalypse– fast approaching. Thor finds himself a prisoner of war turned gladiator, forced into a contest with fellow Avenger, the Incredible Hulk. Luckily, Thor’s got a few allies at his back, and they form a new team, the Revengers (an incredibly terrible nickname for what looks like a kickass posse). Will they beat the maniacal Hela, or will Asgard be lost forever?

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Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie.

The film sees the return of Chris Hemsworth (“Thor: The Dark World”) to his role as Thor alongside Tom Hiddleston (“The Night Manager”) as his scheming brother Loki and Mark Ruffalo (“Spotlight”) as the Hulk. “Thor: Ragnarok” also features Cate Blanchett (“Carol”) as the evil Hela, with Idris Elba (“Pacific Rim”) as Heimdall and Tessa Thompson (“Creed”) as Valkyrie. Jeff Goldblum (“The Grand Budapest Hotel”), Karl Urban (“Star Trek Beyond”), Jaimie Alexander (“Blindspot) and Anthony Hopkins (“Westworld”) round out the cast as Grandmaster, Skurge, Sif and Odin. In a franchise top-heavy with male superheroes and conniving male villains, it’s refreshing to see Thompson, Blanchett and Alexander, though they don’t completely balance out the MCU.

Taiki Waititi (“Hunt for the Wilderpeople”) directs the film off a script by Eric Pearson (“Agent Carter”), with the story by Pearson, Craig Kyle (“Thor”) and Christopher Yost (“Thor: The Dark World”). The cast of producers include comic book legend Stan Lee and Marvel Comics higher-up Kevin Feige (“The Avengers”).

“Thor: Ragnarok” premieres Nov. 3 and tickets are now available. Watch the latest teaser below.

Will you be watching “Thor: Ragnarok”? Anything catch your interest in the new teaser? Let us know in the comments below!

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