WATCH: Season 3 Trailer for Netflix’s ‘Narcos’ is Here!


Season 3 of ‘Narcos’ shows the DEA tackling the rising Cali Cartel in an explosive new trailer. According to Deadline, the Four Kings of the Cali Cartel are Gilberto Rodrigez Orejuela, the leader, Miguel Rodriguez Orejuela, the brains and brother of Gilberto, Pacho Herrera, the hitman who sources and distributes, and Chepe Santacruz Londono, who deals with the New York drug scene. The quartet will be played by Damián Alcazár (“El Narco”), Francisco Denis (“The Liberator”), Alberto Ammann (“Cell 211”), and Pêpê Rapazote (“Rainha das Flores”), respectively. DEA agent Javier Peña will be played once again by Pedro Pascal (“Game of Thrones”).

A cast of new faces fill out the Cali Cartel’s lower echelon and Peña’s DEA team. Joining Peña are experienced agents Chris Feistl, played by Michael Stahl-David (“Cloverfield”) and Daniel Van Ness, played by Matt Whelan (“Go Girls”). Miguel’s older son David, who is adverse to becoming a big fish in the cartel, will be played by Arturo Castro (“Broad City”). Matias Varela (“Assassin’s Creed”) will play family oriented head of security Jorge Salcedo and Miguel Ángel Silvestre (“Sense8”) will play the cartel’s money-launderer, who accidentally puts wife Christina, played by Kerry Bishé (“Halt and Catch Fire”) in danger’s path.

“Narcos” has been nominated for a BAFTA, three Primetime Emmys and one Golden Globe for its previous two seasons, which focused on drug kingpin Pablo Escobar. Here’s the official synopsis for Season 3, courtesy of Collider:

“Now that the bloody hunt for Pablo Escobar has ended, the DEA turns its attention to the richest drug trafficking organization in the world: the Cali Cartel. Led by four powerful godfathers, this cartel operates much differently than Escobar’s, preferring to bribe government officials and keep its violent actions out of the headlines.”

Season 3 of ‘Narcos’ comes to Netflix Sept. 1. Watch the trailer below.

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