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WATCH: Second Trailer From ‘Justice League’ Shows The Team Banding Together and a Dreamy Peek at Superman

The gang’s (almost) all here. New York Comic-Con has brought a slew of trailers for some of the most anticipated projects, including DC’s “Justice League.” Warner Bros. briefly teased fans on Saturday, releasing a brief 20 second clip showing Gal Gadot’s (“Wonder Woman”) Wonder Woman leading a charge, with Jason Momoa’s (“Frontier”) Aquaman at her back. But finally, the second official trailer was released Sunday, giving us a dreamy peek at Henry Cavill’s Superman and the Justice League coming together to defend the world from invasion.

The trailer opens on Lois Lane, played by Amy Adams (“Arrival”), longing for the supposedly dead Superman. Mounting threats due to Superman’s passing are publicized via news broadcasts, then prompting Ben Affleck’s Batman and Wonder Woman to call on the Flash, played by Ezra Miller (“We Need to Talk About Kevin”), played by Ray Fisher, and Aquaman to help defend the world. In the calm before the storm, The Flash geeks out over a shining Bat-Signal, to Wonder Woman and Batman’s amusement. Polygon noted the film’s first shots of the villain Steppenwolf, played by Ciarán Hinds (“The Terror”), smashing his battle-ax against Wonder Woman’s shield. Darkseid’s parademons appear to be his footsoldiers, previously seen in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

According to EW, the battle sequences look a lot more impressive than those from the first trailer, hopefully a sign that Joss Whedon’s reshoots have not gone to waste. Fans also received a better look at Aquaman, who’s seen throwing his trident and catching a ride with Cyborg. Wonder Woman and Batman tagteam the enemy, with The Flash zipping through the carnage.

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Fans also saw a slightly different version of the trailer via the film’s official Instagram, with Wonder Woman and Batman convincing Cyborg and Aquaman to join the team.

“Justice League” bursts into theaters Nov. 17, 2017. Watch the second official trailers above and below.

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