WATCH: Taron Egerton Flies High as Elton John in New ‘Rocketman’ Trailer


In “Kingsman: The Golden Circle,” Taron Egerton starred alongside Elton John who cameoed as himself. Now, instead of starring with Elton John, he’s playing him. In the upcoming “Rocketman,” Egerton is set to dazzle as the famed singer. Also, the newest trailer for the film gives us a greater glimpse at his portrayal.

“Rocketman” follows the life of Elton John from his days at the Royal Academy of Music to his rise to fame. In addition, it follows his struggles with substance abuse and his sexuality. The film even depicts his collaboration with Bernie Taupin, his lyricist.

Judging by the general synopsis, the movie seems to cover the typical bases of a biopic. The musician’s rise to fame along with his life before then. However, its fantastical elements allow an interesting stylistic approach. Even if the story is typical, it might still be technically innovative at the very least.

As for Taron Egerton, he seems like he captures the spirit of Elton John. Plus, the recent featurette of him singing “Tiny Dancer” is a slight confidence builder. Then again, anyone who saw “Sing” and heard him sing “I’m Still Standing” (another Elton song) knows he’s got a set of pipes. While Egerton technically made his breakthrough with the “Kingsman” films, this could allow him to break into the Oscar conversation.

Along with Egerton, the film stars Jamie Bell as Bernie Taupin. Also, Bryce Dallas Howard plays Elton’s mom while Richard Madden portrays John Reid, Elton’s former manager and boyfriend. In addition, the film is directed by Dexter Fletcher who previously collaborated with Egerton on “Eddie the Eagle.”

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“Rocketman” will be released on May 31st, 2019 by Paramount Pictures.