WATCH: The First Trailer for ‘Rocketman’ Starring Taron Egerton and Directed by Dexter Fletcher

There are many actors who dream of bringing an icon’s life to the big screen. After all, these roles bring an increased profile, especially if the performance and film are strong. One performer who seemed like a prime candidate for a big budget biopic was Elton John, a man who broke barriers and become a worldwide sensation.

Thus, director Dexter Fletcher‘s choice of bringing up-and-coming actor Taron Egerton into the role made sense. He can sing, as we saw in Illumination Studios “Sing,” as well as show off charisma in the “Kingsman” franchise. Last week we saw the first image of Egerton in the role, but today we get a look at him in a teaser.

What jumps out from the trailer immediately are the stylistic choices quickly broadcast throughout the footage. Big, almost musical styles casts surround him in some instances. In others, Egerton literally looks to float away while singing. Rather than a straightforward biopic, “Rocketman” appears to be taking some magical realism elements into the story. Even the last title card “Based on a True Fantasy” lends credence to this idea.

Director Dexter Fletcher seems interested in expanding the mythos of Elton John, and you can’t blame him. John remains an icon to this day, selling out arenas around the world. As John winds down his career (supposedly this is his farewell tour) he undeniably crafted a legacy that will last for generations. Fletcher brings a style and weirdness to the trailer that evokes a Broadway musical style (a la “Billy Elliot“) combined with a bit of the weirdness of “Across the Universe” from 2007. It’s an interesting combination, and with Egerton taking on the lead, this might be able to work. Keep an eye on Fletcher and Egerton as this film releases next summer.

What do you think of the “Rocketman” trailer? Does Egerton appear to be a fit for the role? What do you think of the stylistic choices? Let us know in the comments below! 

“Rocketman” releases on May 17, 2019. Paramount Pictures distributes. 

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