Watch the Trailer for the Animated Hopeful ‘The Congress’


the-congress-ari-folman-sliceOne of the potentially intriguing outside the box contenders for this year’s Academy Awards (if it’s eligible/submitted in certain places, of course) is Ari Folman‘s The Congress. He turned a lot of heads last time around when he gave us Waltz with Bashir, and now he’s got Robin Wright playing a version of herself in the adaptation of the Stanislav Lem story The Futurological Congress. A Trailer has hit the web, which you can see below, and it combines animation and live action in an interesting way, I’ll say that. Along with Wright, the film features Paul Giamatti, Jon Hamm, Danny Huston, Harvey Keitel, and Kodi-Smit McPhee. It’ll be an odd one, judging by what’s on display in this Trailer. Look for The Congress when it hits theaters at the end of August. Take a look.

Here’s the Trailer:

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