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WATCH: Trailer for LGBTQ Drama ‘Your Name Engraved Herein’ From Taiwan

CREDIT: Courtesy of Oxygen Films

Less than a year on from Taiwan legalizing same-sex marriage, the first LGBTQ film from the country since this law change has its trailer. “Your Name Engraved Herein” will be showing privately at Berlin’s European Film Market next week, according to Variety, before having its world premiere at the Osaka Asian Film Festival next month.

The film is inspired by true events and tells the story of two high school students who become very close, but are caught up in the mixed messages they are sending each other. Those misunderstandings come to light nearly 20 years later when the adults meet each other in Canada.

Liu Kuang-Hui (“Hello Again!”) directs the feature, alongside an acclaimed technical crew including “The Assassin” sound designer Tu Duu-chih and “Long Day’s Journey Into Night” cinematographer Yao Hung-I. Respect television producer Chu Yu-Ning serves as an executive producer on the project as well as having written the screenplay.

The cast includes Tseng Chin-Hua who was nominated for Best New Performer at the Golden Horse Film Festival last year for “Detention,” and Wang Shih-Sian who was nominated last year at the Golden Bell Awards for Best TV Performer for his role in the second season of “CSIC: I Hero.” Acclaimed actor and director Leon Dai (“Cannot Live Without You”) also stars as the adult version of one of the characters, and French actor Fabio Grangeon features prominently in the trailer.

The film will be presented at the Berlin Market by Flash Forward Entertainment. As well as “Your Name Engraved Herein,” the distribution company are also bringing “Nobody,” another Taiwanese film, and “Summer Knight” to Berlin. Variety published a quote from a representative of Flash Forward, Patrick Mao Huang:

“The movie not only resonates with the rite of passage of LGBTQ rights in Taiwan, but is also ready to bring many viewers to tears. We are expecting the same level of success across Asian countries as with ‘More Than Blue’,”

Below is the full trailer for “Your Name Engraved Herein.” News will be expected in the next few weeks as to whether the sale of the film has been successful.

What do you think of the trailer for “Your Name Engraved Herein?” Let us know in the comments below!

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