For as bad as “The Purge” series has been, quality wise, the marketing for these films has been tremendous. Especially for “The Purge: Election Year” and recently for “The First Purge,” leaning into the Donald Trump comparisons have been brilliant. The posters, in particular, have been nothing short of satirically perfect. In fact, Trump recently inadvertently used the last movie’s tagline as his re-election slogan. Go figure. Now, with the latest installment in the series getting closer, a Trailer has dropped. Less focused on the comparison to real-world politics, this is more a look at how the central concept got its start. What started out as a small Blumhouse release is now a full-blown franchise. If nothing else, that’s another impressive feat for Jason Blum and company.

Again penned by series creator James DeMonaco, “The First Purge” finds a new director on board in Gerard McMurray. They’ve even roped Marisa Tomei in for a prominent role, which is something. From the looks of this Trailer, there’s a promising feel to things, especially setting it on Staten Island. Then again, all of the other installments had promise too, and our reviews here and here took them to task for, well, being bad. Melonie Diaz is also in the cast, hoping to survive as an initial purge is tested out in a controlled environment. The aforementioned Blum and Blumhouse Productions produce with Universal Pictures, as per the usual.

Here now is the Trailer for “The First Purge”:

“The First Purge” is scheduled for release on July 4th, if you can believe it. Stay tuned for more on the film as we move closer to the summer. Fans of the franchise rejoice, as more purging is only a few months away.