WATCH: HBO Anthology ‘True Detective’ Season 3 Shows a Haunted Mahershala Ali


Back in 2014, “True Detective” blew up television as a cultural phenomenon. The show followed Matthew McConaghey at the height of the McConaissance as well as a very good Woody HarrelsonNic Pizzolatto became a rock star of the television world. The show was a massive hit, and again proved HBO as a content factory. However, the second season was smacked around by critics, and quickly flopped. The show was suddenly in limbo with the next season held indefinitely. However, with a little help from David Milch and an Oscar-winning actor in Mahershala Ali, “True Detective” looks like its hitting its stride once again.

The center of the show this time around will undeniably be Ali. Ali, who won his Oscar for “Moonlight,” has quickly become a household name. In most projects, he is the highlight of the cast. Here, Pizzolatto and Milch have put the full burden on him, and the actor looks primed for another big hit. Also on board for the new season are Stephen Dorff as Ali’s partner, Ray Fisher as his son, and Carmen Ejogo as an Arkansas schoolteacher. Pizzolatto is set to direct some episodes. He’ll split duties with Jeremy Saulnier (“Green Room“) and Daniel Sackheim (“The Americans“/”Game of Thrones“).

According to HBO, Season 3 “tells the story of a macabre crime in the heart of the Ozarks, and a mystery that deepens over decades and plays out in three separate time periods.” It is exciting to watch Ali play a character across the years, broken and haunted by a case. The imagery feels haunting and the vibe calls back to the first season. While more crime shows emerged in the past five years, “True Detective” holds a special place with audiences hoping for a return to form.

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“True Detective” Season 3 returns to HBO in January.