WATCH: ‘Vox Lux’ Drops New Trailer Focusing on Natalie Portman Singing Sia


2018 has been a banner year for original songs. The obvious headliner for the year has been “A Star Is Born,” with the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper vocals thrilling America. Not far behind, “Black Panther” features one of the coolest soundtracks for a film in years. “Hearts Beat Loud,” “On the Basis of Sex” and even “RBG” are all pushing for original song nominations. Meanwhile, the film “Vox Lux” could surprise some with its musical prowess. The film follows a girl who survives a national tragedy but is reborn as a pop star when her music inspires millions. Natalie Portman takes on the role, but the music is brought to life by the pop star Sia. A new trailer showcases the song “Wrapped Up,” written for the film, and gives us more footage of Portman.

The new trailer for “Vox Lux” gives us a great look at the original song from Sia. In most other Oscar years Sia’s star power, and the overall plot of the film, might make this a leading contender. Yet 2018 is full of superstars in the music categories. There is a very feasible lineup at Oscar that includes Lady Gaga, Kendrick Lamar, Dianne Warren, Post Malone, and now Sia.

Portman looks to be in top form for the film. She continues to stretch her abilities, playing a different kind of pop star. She stands a chance at finding her way into the Oscar race as a supporting actress. However, the Golden Globes just ruled her as a lead actress for their ceremony. It’ll be curious to see if Sia might actually be “Vox Lux’s” best shot to hear its name on Oscar morning.

What do you think of “Vox Lux” and the music from Sia? Can Sia become the representation for “Vox Lux” at the Oscars? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

“Vox Lux” opens Dec. 7, 2018. Neon distributes.

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