We now have a brand new look at Disney’s “Aladdin,” the latest in their line-up of live-action remakes. As opposed the Super Bowl teaser, this one offers more excitement in what appear to be action sequences and musical numbers. In other words, it’s a significant step-up from five seconds of Will Smith as a blue CGI genie.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of this movie is not the CGI, but the director himself. Guy Ritchie, director of the Sherlock Holmes movies, gets a much bigger budget than he’s ever had before. He’s certainly not the obvious choice to helm a live-action Disney musical, however this could work in the movie’s favor. Anyone who has seen Ritchie’s work knows he has a knack for action scenes. The trailer showcases some pretty fun scenes with the magic carpet, in addition to what look to be energetic musical numbers.

The two leads playing the iconic Aladdin and Jasmine are Mena Massoud and Naomi Scott, respectively. Massoud was last seen in Amazon’s “Jack Ryan,” while Scott was in the “Power Rangers” reboot. It’s too early to tell just how they will be in the movie, but if the trailer is any indicator, at least they get the singing right.

Musical buff will be happy to know that Oscar-winning composer Alan Menken returns to compose the score. Joining him are the Oscar-winners Benj Pasek and Justin Paul to write two new songs.

While this trailer does look fun and exciting, Disney is a bit hit-or-miss with their live-action remakes. Will it shine like “The Jungle Book,” or miss the mark like “Beauty and the Beast?” Here’s hoping this one shines bright in the 2019 summer movie season.

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Disney will release “Aladdin” in theaters on May 24, 2019.