Weekend Openings: 8/30/2013


This Labor Day Weekend, the end of summer is very anti-celebratory with a poor showing of new releases.  Who knew Ethan Hawke would kick off the summer with the third chapter of his beloved decade-sprawling romance with Julie Delpy in Before Midnight only to end it with Getaway, a generic Gone in 60 Seconds-esque action flick starring alongside popstar Selena Gomez?  Brain De Palma is out with his anticipated sensual obsession tale Passion starring Rachel McAdams and Noomi Rapace, but it looks to be a mixed bag.  And although Eric Bana is one of those actors you always like to see and about whom you always wonder, “Where has he been?” it’s unlikely that Closed Circuit will leave a lasting impression.

Language: English
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Action/Crime
Director: Courtney Solomon
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Selena Gomez, Jon Voight
Former race-car driver Brent Magna is pitted against the clock when his wife is kidnapped by a mysterious villain. He commanders a young woman’s car and takes her on on a high-speed race against time.
Oscar Potential: Hawke has famously made some controversial remarks about the Academy before regarding their tendency to overlook his (and others’) talents, so there’s no hope for this particularly sub-par action picture.  See Joey’s review of this “lemon” of a car flick.

Closed Circuit
Language: English
Rating: R
Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery
Director: John Crowley
Starring: Eric Bana, Rebecca Hall, Jim Broadbent
A high-profile terrorism case unexpectedly binds together two ex-lovers on the defense team – testing the limits of their loyalties and placing their lives in jeopardy.
Oscar Potential: It’s always good to see Eric Bana on the big-screen, but something tells me Oscar isn’t quite in agreement and this probably isn’t the film to attract their illustrious attention.

Language: English
Rating: R
Genre: Crime/Drama/Mystery
Director: Brian De Palma
Starring: Rachel McAdams, Noomi Rapace, Karoline Herfurth
The rivalry between the manipulative boss of an advertising agency and her talented protégée escalates from stealing credit to public humiliation to murder.
Oscar Potential: Having been on a string of duds in recent years, unfortunately for Brian De Palma, this one looks to be headed for the same forgotten fate.  Check out Joey’s review of the erotic thriller.

Instructions Not Included

Language: Spanish/English
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Director: Eugenio Derbez
Starring: Eugenio Derbez, Karla Souza, Jessica Lindsey
A man who has made a new life for himself and the daughter left on his doorstep 6 years ago finds his family threatened when the birth mother resurfaces.
Oscar Potential: This comedy doesn’t look to be a strong enough contender for the foreign category.

The Lifeguard

Language: English
Rating: R
Genre: Drama/Romance
Director: Liz W. Garcia
Starring: Kristen Bell, Mamie Gummer, Martin Starr
A former valedictorian quits her reporter job in New York and returns to the place she last felt happy: her childhood home in Connecticut. She gets work as a lifeguard and starts a dangerous relationship with a troubled teenager.
Oscar Potential: This indie picture isn’t really intended for the big show.

What will you see this weekend?