The Weinstein Company pushes back “The Founder” to December


With awards season on the way, it is common to see films shift their release dates. Some films are pushed to the following year, while others are moved to put themselves in prime Oscar contention. The Weinstein company is no stranger to the awards season, and today they made a move to ensure their place in this year’s race.

Today, the Weinstein’s officially announced a date change for “The Founder.” The film had been previously scheduled for an August 5th release date, but today, they pushed it back to December 16th. This comes after the film was moved to August after its originally scheduled November release. The initial move seemed to indicate that the Weinstein’s were not sold on the movie, but this most recent move seems to negate that thought. After film’s qualifying run in December, it will go wide on January 20th, 2017.

Speculation has been high on the Weinstein’s upcoming film on Ray Kroc, the man behind McDonald’s widespread expansion. In the process, Kroc not only alienates the McDonald brothers, but is able to achieve fame and fortune. It is a rags to riches tale for Kroc, but the man has not always been seen in a positive light. Based on trailers, the film has been compared to other biopics, including “The Social Network.” It has a great cast, starting at the top with Michael Keaton. Keaton has been on a role of late, with his eBest Actor nomination for “Birdman” and his prominent role in “Spotlight.” The Weinstein’s are hoping that Keaton can maintain his Best Picture streak with “The Founder.”

What do you think readers? Do you think “The Founder” is a player? Or is this move only to help Keaton? Let us know in the comments below!