What’s On TV? – Sunday (5/12/2019) – ‘Veep’ Says Goodbye with Series Finale


Politics take center stage on television tonight. Not only is “Game of Thrones” getting back to its bread-and-butter with the seemingly never-ending battle for the Iron Throne, but this week will also see two returning shows that center on current events make their season debut. And if that weren’t enough, we’ll be saying goodbye to our favorite female president, Selina Meyer, on “Veep”. So much for television being escapism, right?

Pick of the Day

“Veep” on HBO at 10:50 PM

“Veep” gave audiences a world where a female president was given the space to be as vicious, underhanded, and malicious as any male politician. For that, fans have to thank creator Armando Iannucci and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, whose performance of Selina Meyer is a high point for a comedian with an already sterling career.

Losing this show will certainly leave a major void in the comedy department, but for now, fans should savor their last few moments with the shockingly amoral Meyer staff. Frankly, audiences should be thankful that a heavily improvised show about the absurd DC political scene found an audience and stay on the air for seven seasons.

What’s Returning?

“Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” on Netflix

These days, audiences can barely turn on their television sets without seeing a political news show hosted by a comedian who provides a commentary on contemporary issues using language we can all understand. Some are better than others, but “Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj” is one of the more promising in recent years.

Its presentation is crisp and stylish, and the decision to have him standing alone on stage rather than sitting behind a desk gives the pieces a sense of urgency they might otherwise lack. Hasan Minhaj himself feels like a perfect choice for this type of show, with the right combination of intelligence, earnestness, and impeccable comic delivery.

“Our Cartoon President” on Showtime at 8 PM

Then there’s the other side of the coin. “Our Cartoon President” features a top-notch voice cast, delineating the daily goings-on at the White House under President Trump. The trouble with this, of course, is that there is no joke or scenario a writer could dream up that would be more ridiculous and outlandish than the events that have actually taken place during Trump’s first time in office. When dealing with a functionally satire-proof president, any comedian trying to find humor that will play right certainly has their work cut out for them.

Movies on TV

“The Mummy” Marathon on SYFY

Having “The Mummy” on television hardly qualifies as unusual, but it’s not every day that one of the greatest popcorn movies of all time celebrates its twentieth birthday. And as if that weren’t enough, Syfy is sweetening the deal by following up the film with not just “The Mummy Returns”, but also “The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor”, so fans can experience the trilogy the way the creators intended. Sadly, no “The Scorpion King”, but never fear – that’s on tomorrow!

New Episodes

There are plenty of other shows airing new episodes tonight. Use this as a helpful guide when channel surfing this evening to ensure you don’t miss the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Once again, times may vary by local area. Please check your local guide for the most accurate times.

  • “The Red Line” (CBS) at 8 PM
  • “The Simpsons” (Fox) at 8 PM
  • “Call the Midwife” (PBS) at 8 PM
  • “Supergirl” (CW) at 8 PM
  • “Killing Eve” (AMC) at 8 PM
  • “The Spanish Princess” (Starz) at 8 PM
  • “Bob’s Burgers” (Fox) at 8:30 PM
  • “Les Miserables” (PBS) at 9 PM
  • “Charmed” (CW) at 9 PM
  • “A Discovery of Witches” (AMC) at 9 PM
  • “Game of Thrones” (HBO) at 9 PM
  • “Billions” (Showtime) at 9 PM
  • “Good Girls” (ABC) at 10 PM
  • “Unforgotten” (PBS) at 10 PM
  • “The Chi” (Showtime) at 10 PM
  • “Barry” (HBO) at 10:20 PM
  • “Last Week Tonight with John Oliver” (HBO) at 11:40 PM

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