What’s on TV? – Thursday (2/21/19) – An NBA Marquee Matchup and Fellini’s ‘8½’

Federico Fellini 8 1/2

For NBA fans, there’s a great matchup between potential Finals contenders to restart the season. With All-Star weekend over, the Boston Celtics and Milwaukee Bucks kick off the last quarter of the season. Reality TV fans will find a new series from MTV, “Game of Clones” as an interesting option. Meanwhile, “,” “Monster’s Inc,” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service” will be a few of the great movies on TV tonight.

Pick of the Night

Boston Celtics vs. the Milwaukee Bucks on TNT at 8 PM

Bucks and Celtics

With the NBA All-Star game in the rearview, two of the best teams in the East do battle. Even if the NBA is not your thing, this is one to watch. Giannis Antetokounmpo leads the first place Milwaukee Bucks at home as they continue their push for the NBA finals. Antetokounmpo, or “The Greek Freak,” could be the MVP of the league this year. Meanwhile, the Boston Celtics have Kyrie Irving, who looks to continue his run as one of the NBA’s most dynamic scorers. With the Bucks leading the East and the Celtics in fourth place, this could be a preview for a great playoff matchup.

What’s Premiering? 

“Game of Clones” on MTV at 9 PM

A new series from MTV tries to help its reality stars find love. A synopsis for the show can be found below:

“Game of Clones” is the most radical dating experiment to ever hit television. In each episode, MTV stars will date seven clones of their celebrity crush — who may look the same but are totally different people — and when they look beyond those pretty (identical) faces, each dater will discover which of these famous doppelgangers melts their heart and which just makes their skin crawl.

It seems like an interesting concept, but could also get very weird, very fast. If you’re a reality TV fan, this might be one to check out tonight.


Movies on TV

Federico Fellini 8 1/2

One of the greatest Italian films of all-time, “8½” from Federico Fellini became an instantly iconic film upon its release. The semi-autobiographical film follows a filmmaker who becomes stuck in a rut creatively. While he has been filming a sci-fi feature, he gets lost in his own fantasies, unable to finish the film he has been working to complete. It’s an extremely open and honest film, one that actually addressed Fellini’s personal struggles as a director. It would go on to spawn the musical “Nine” in 1982 as well. In America, it was met with near-universal acclaim, even two Oscar wins for Costume Design and Foreign Language film. It also earned Fellini an Oscar nomination for Best Director and Best Original Screenplay. “8 1/2” will air on TCM tonight at 8 PM.

kingsman secret service 2

For those unacquainted with Taron Egerton, “Kingsman: The Secret Service” should help new fans jump on board with the actor. The action film has some very cool sequences, combining Matthew Vaughn’s trademark flare for gory action with very fun actors. A who’s who of British thespians goes to work, with Colin Firth standing out as an action star. Egerton takes on the lead role and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. “Kingsman: The Secret Service” will air back-to-back on FX Movies at 7:30 PM and 10:10 PM.

Monsters Inc pixar 67296 1024 768

Finally, “Monsters, Inc” will air at 9 PM on Freeform. The fourth Pixar film was also the first to receive an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature. The story of two monsters, Mike (Billy Crystal) and Sully (John Goodman), created a fun buddy comedy with an emotional through-story. The original “Monsters, Inc.” has some excellent voice acting to boot, with both Crystal and Goodman giving it their all. Randall (Steve Buscemi) remains one of the very best Pixar villains to this day. The story of “Monsters, Inc.” keeps this film a must-watch in the Pixar collection.

New Episodes

There are plenty of other shows airing new episodes tonight. Use this as a helpful guide when channel surfing tonight. Make sure you don’t miss the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Once again, times may vary by local area. Please check your local guide for the most accurate times.

  • “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) at 8 PM
  • Young Sheldon” (CBS) at 8:30 PM
  • “Mom” (CBS) at 9 PM
  • “Fam” (CBS) at 9:30 PM
  • “SWAT” (CBS) at 10 PM
  • Grey’s Anatomy (ABC) at 8 PM
  • A Million Little Things” (ABC) at 9 PM
  • “How to Get Away with Murder” (ABC) at 10 PM
  • “The Titan Games” (NBC) at 8 PM
  • “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” (NBC) at 9 PM
  • “Will & Grace” (NBC) at 9:30 PM
  • “Law & Order: SVU” (NBC) at 10 PM
  • “Gotham” (Fox) at 8 PM
  • The Orville” (Fox) at 9 PM
  • “Legacies” (CW) at 9 PM
  • The First 48″ (A&E) at 8 PM & 9 PM
  • 60 Days In” (A&E) at 10 PM
  • Top Chef” (BRAVO) at 8 PM
  • “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” (BRAVO) at 9 PM
  • Backyard Envy” (BRAVO) at 10 PM
  • Broad City” (COMEDY) at 10 PM
  • The Other Two” (COMEDY) at 10:30 PM
  • “Building Off the Grid” (Discover) at 9 PM
  • Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” (E!) at 8 PM
  • Dating: No Filter” (E!) at 10:30 PM
  • Beat Bobby Flay” (FOOD) at 10 PM
  • Siren” (Freeform) at 8 PM
  • “Flip or Flop: Nashville” (HGTV) at 9 PM
  • “House Hunters” (HGTV) at 10 PM & 10:30 PM
  • “Swamp People” (HISTORY) at 9 PM
  • “Truck Night in America” (HISTORY) at 10 PM
  • “Bring It!” (Lifetime) at 8 & 9 PM
  • “The Rap Game” (Lifetime) at 10 PM
  • “Ex on the Beach” (MTV) at 8 PM
  • Game of Clones” (MTV) at 9 PM*
  • Into the Grand Canyon” (National Geographic) at 8 PM
  • “Life Below Zero: Ice Breakers” (National Geographic) at 10 PM
  • “Lip Sync Battle” (Paramount) at 9 PM
  • “Flack” (Pop) at 10 PM
  • “Impossible Engineering” (Science) at 9 PM
  • “The Dead Files” (Travel) at 10 PM
  • “Kindred Spirits” (Travel) at 11 PM
  • “The Carbonaro Effect” (TruTV) at 10 PM & 10:30 PM


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