What’s On TV?–Thursday (5/30/19)–Go Back to School With ‘A.P. Bio’

"A.P. Bio" (NBC)

From stellar comedy series to reality show gems, haunted islands and even “Mean Girls,” there are a number of choices on TV tonight. Take your dinner to the comfy sofa and check out some of our top picks, season finales, movies, and more.

Pick of the Day

“A.P. Bio (NBC)” at 8pm ET

Sadly, NBC just announced that the network will be canceling “A.P. Bio” after the season two finale. The Glenn Howerton and Patton Oswalt vehicle originally aired on Hulu before switching over to NBC this year. The comedy series stars Howerton as the wayward ex-Harvard philosophy professor who ends up finding a job as , you guessed it, an A.P. Biology teacher in a local high school. Instead of teaching his students actual biology, he teaches them other less educational things, like how to have fun while successfully pulling off a prank. Unless Hulu or another network makes an effort to save the it, there are only four episodes left. In the first, Jack (Howerton) helps Mary (Mary Sohn) end things with her boyfriend, and in the second episode, Jack persuades the class to win the local talent show so that he can use the money to buy a new laptop. Tonight there will be two back-to-back episodes starting at 8pm and 8:30.

What’s Ending?

“RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1)” at 9pm ET  

Tonight is the season 11 finale of the famed reality show. Who will take home the grand prize: $100,00, a one-year supply of Anastasia Beverly Hills and an iconic crown and scepter from Fierce Drag Jewels? Brooke, A’Keria, Silky and Yvie will be competing, and it seems likely that Brooke and Yvie are two of the favorites, based on their screen time last episode. Vanessa was sadly eliminated last time, losing in the lip synch battle. Who is your favorite to win?

“Mysteries of the Abandoned (SCI)” at 9pm ET

The season finale takes viewers to Plague Island, where there is a building complex on a remote tropical island. Now, the complex is vacant and some locals say that it is haunted. To find out more about the very ominous-sounding “Plague Island” tune into SCI at 9pm. And make it a double feature: a very spooky hour-long rerun will air before the finale.

TV Movies / Specials

A Killer Among Us / “BTK: A Killer Among Us (ID)” at 8pm ET

This new documentary tells the terrifying story of Dennis Rader, known as the “BTK” serial killer (signifying “bind,” “torture,” and “kill”). Rader lived a double life, working for his local church council and having a family while also committing heinous murders. His arrest, when it finally did come, took decades, despite the fact that he had been sending letters to local TV stations detailing his crimes. Viewers can tune into part one and two, which will air back-to-back.

Movies on TV

Before Taron Egerton starred as Elton John in “Rocketman,” he played a man named Eggsy. In Matthew Vaughn’s “Kingsman: The Secret Service” (2015), the first of the popular franchise, Egerton plays a South London man involved in petty crime. His late father worked for a secret spy organization – but the details are a mystery to him. Harry Hart (Colin Firth) calls upon Eggsy to join the ranks of the exclusive Kinsgman agents. A lighthearted, action packed spy film “Kingsman” broadcasted Egerton’s talents to the world. Watch it at 7pm ET on FXM.

The movie that brought us the winning team of Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Rachel McAdams, Amanda Seyfried and Lindsay Lohan is on HBO tonight. “Mean Girls” (2004), was directed by Mark Waters and remains one of the seminal coming-of-age films of the early 2000s. It introduced audiences to the term “fetch,” memorialized Juicy Couture tracksuits and is generally an absurdly re-watchable film. Fans have Tina Fey to thank for the endlessly quotable screenplay. Tune into HBO tonight at 8pm ET.

What’s New?

None of the above strike your fancy? Well good news, there is still plenty of new TV to watch, the options are almost dizzying. Check out our round-up below:

  • “Life in Pieces (CBS)” at 9:30pm ET
  • “Abby’s (NBC)” at 9pm ET
  • “Elementary (CBS)” at 10pm ET
  • “iZombie (CW)” at 8pm ET
  • “In the Dark (CW)” at 9pm ET
  • “Live Rescue: Rewind (A&E)” at 10pm ET
  • “Un poquito tuyo (TELMUN)” at 8pm ET
  • “Betty en NY (TELMUN)” at 9pm ET
  • “River Monsters: Legendary Locations (ANIMAL)” at 8pm ET
  • “Project Runway (BRAVO)” at 9pm ET
  • “Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger (FREFM)” at 8pm ET  
  • “Christina on the Coast (HGTV)” at 9pm ET
  • “House Hunters (HGTV)” at 10pm ET
  • “California Life (HGTV)” at 9:30pm ET
  • “Little Women: Atlanta (LIFE)” at 8pm ET
  • “Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny (MTV)” at 8pm ET
  • “How Far is Tattoo Far (MTV)” at 9pm ET
  • “Lip Synch Battle (SPK)” at 10pm ET
  • “Wife Swap (PAR)” at 9pm ET
  • “World’s Most Evil Killers (REELZ)” at 8pm ET
  • “Mysteries of the Abandoned (SCI)” at 9pm ET
  • “My 600-lb Life: Supersized (TLC)” at 8pm ET
  • “The Dead Files (TRAVEL)” at 8pm ET
  • “RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1)” at 9pm ET  
  • “Braxton Family Values (WE)” at 9pm ET

What Will You Be Watching? Let Us Know in the Comments Below?