From the NBA playoffs to season finales (and cancellations), in addition to highly anticipated returns, this week has been an exciting – and bittersweet – one for TV fans. Viewers can tune into light and lively fare like “Lip Synch Battle” and “A.P. Bio,” catch up on reality show competitions that are heating up, or check out newcomers like “Hero Ink.” With some shows wrapping up and making way for the new, it feels like a night made for summer TV.

Pick of the Day

“Lip Synch Battle (PAR)” at 10pm ET

Courtesy of Paramount Network.

The creative minds at Paramount TV have gifted many viewers with this Jimmy Fallon, “Dancing with the Stars” and “American Idol” mashup. In its five season run (so far), viewers have seen Anne Hathaway mount a wrecking ball a la Miley Cyrus, Josh Gad parody the president, Jenna Dewan perform “Magic Mike” better than her ex-husband Channing Tatum, and more. Plus, the series continues to illustrate Chrissy Teigen’s bubbly personality and masterful comedic chops. Tune in for lip synching of epic proportions tonight at 10pm ET.

What’s New?

“Hero Ink (A&E)” at 10 & 10:30pm ET

Tattoos get tender: A&E’s new “Hero Ink” follows veterans, EMTs, firefighters and members of the police force as they share heart wrenching stories from their time on the job. Viewers can tune in to this double feature and hear from heroes and watch them receive custom tattoos inked from the artists at Prison Break Tattoos in Houston. For emotional storytelling mixed with tattoo art, check out the double feature of “Hero Ink.”

What’s Returning?

Courtesy of Disney-ABC Domestic Television

“Siren (FREFM)” at 8pm ET

Season 2 is back after a brief three-month hiatus, and fans of the show can tune in as a war spanning land and sea unfurls. The Freeform series about Bristol Cove, once known for an abundance of mermaids that just may be making a reappearance, returns tonight. The first season introduced viewers to Ryn (Eline Powell), an enigmatic new visitor in town who captures the eyes of both marine biologists and curious locals. Catch “No North Star,” the much-anticipated ninth episode in the bold and thrilling season.

What’s Ending?

Courtesy of NBC.

“A.P. Bio (NBC)” at 8:30 & 9pm ET

Tonight will be viewers final chance to see “A.P. Bio,” the often hilarious Glenn Howerton and Paton Oswolt comedy about an ex-Harvard professor turned high school biology teacher. The series, which once called Hulu home before NBC brought the show to cable TV, will be airing its final episode tonight. The final two episodes of Season 2, entitled “Ride the Ram” and “Kinda Sorta” will air back-to-back in true salutatory, send-off fashion.

“Project Runway (BRAVO)” at 9pm ET

Courtesy of Lantern Entertainment.

This season has been a landmark one in the history of the massively popular fashion reality series. It ushered in Christian Siriano in lieu of Tim Gunn, and Karlie Kloss taking over for Heidi Klum as hosts. But most importantly, Season 17 saw some talented and wildly creative designers compete for the coveted title of “Project Runway” champion. When viewers last saw them, the designers in the Top 4 – Hester Sunshine, Sebastian Grey, Garo Sparo, and the sadly now-eliminated Bishme Cromartie – were working hard to complete their collections. Tune in at 9pm to find out who wins big!

“Abby’s (NBC)” at 9:30 pm ET

Courtesy of NBC.

The laid-back, breezy, comedic charm of “Abby’s” has captured many viewers. Sadly, however, the sitcom will be airing its last episode, as it has been cancelled after one season. The show followed Abby (Natalie Morales), as she creates a bar in her backyard, organized by her own set of rules. In so doing, Abby brings together a gang of lovable, off-beat misfits. Catch the very last episode before it’s too late, at 9:30pm ET on NBC.

Movies on TV

Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures

A film that stole many hearts from filmgoers last year, “A Star is Born,” will be gracing the TV space tonight at 8pm ET on HBO. Directed by Bradley Cooper (his directorial debut), and starring Lady Gaga and Cooper as Ally and Jackson Maine, the film positions itself as a worthy addition to the “A Star is Born” filmic tradition. It was an instant hit that celebrated Lady Gaga’s impeccable performing talents – a depth and range that is astounding to watch.

What’s New?

Not feeling like fashionista competitions, tattoos, or lip synch extravaganzas? No need to fear, there are still plenty of shows on TV tonight. From sitcoms to telenovelas, HGTV binges, and more, check out our list of what else is on. 

  • “Life in Pieces (CBS)” at 9:30pm ET
  • “Elementary (CBS)” at 10pm ET
  • “iZombie (CW)” at 8pm ET
  • “In the Dark (CW)” at 9pm ET
  • “Un poquito tuyo (TELMUN)” at 8pm ET
  • “Betty en NY (TELMUN)” at 9pm ET
  • “Live PD Presents: PD Cam (A&E)” at 9 & 9:30pm ET
  • “Fish or Die (ANIMAL)” at 9 & 10pm ET
  • “Naked and Afraid (DSC)” at 8pm ET
  • “Naked and Afraid XL (DSC)” at 9pm ET
  • “Christina on the Coast (HGTV)” at 9pm ET
  • “Unspouse My House (HGTV)” at 9:30pm ET
  • “Beat Bobby Flay (FOOD)” at 10pm ET
  • “Baskets (FX-E)” at 10pm ET
  • “Little Women: Atlanta (LIFE)” at 8pm & 9pm ET
  • “House Hunters (HGTV)” at 10pm ET
  • “Murder Loves Company (ID)” at 10pm ET
  • “Double Shot at Love with DJ Pauly D & Vinny (MTV)” at 8pm ET
  • “How Far is Tattoo Far (MTV)” at 9 & 9:30pm ET
  • “Strange Evidence (SCI)” at 8 & 9pm ET
  • “My 600-lb Life (TLC)” at 8pm ET
  • “The Dead Files (TRAVEL)” at 8pm ET
  • “Growing up Hip Hop: Atlanta (WE)” at 9pm ET
  • “Ms. T’s Music Factory (LIFE)” at 10pm ET
  • “What on Earth? (SCI)” at 10pm ET
  • “The Dead Files (TRAVEL)” at 10pm ET
  • “Queen of the South (USA)” at 10pm ET

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