Tonight will be largely defined by the State of the Union Address. There are about a dozen networks carrying the speech and the democratic response, so it will certainly draw the highest rating of the evening. However, there are some very interesting shows and films to check out. “American Soul” looks to be a fun and potentially exciting new show to check out about the creation of “Soul Train” in the 1970’s. Meanwhile, the sitcom “American Housewife” returns on ABC. Check out “Cast Away,” “Deepwater Horizon,” “Tombstone,” and “The Untouchables” tonight as well!

Pick of the Day

The State of the Union at 9 PM on ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC and more

As a journalist, I am aware that the State of the Union is the event to watch. The political pageantry of the event will let Donald Trump speak to a Democratically controlled House of Representatives for the first time. This will be interesting for policy junkies, but perhaps more exciting than the speech itself will be Stacey Abrams, who has emerged as a potential leader for the Democratic party moving forward. This will give her an opportunity on a national stage. For those who do now know the woman, who made a hard push for the Georgia governorship, this will be a great chance to meet her. Keep an eye on the State of the Union tonight at 9 PM.

What’s Premiering

“American Soul”

A new series on the creation of the iconic series “Soul Train” will launch on BET and on TV Land tonight. The series looks to have some excellent production value and could be really special. Behind-the-scenes series like this can do well, and Sinqua Walls looks game to lead the series. Ultimately, what the show has to say about the experience of making the show during turbulent times for race relations should be extremely compelling. After all, “Soul Train” played an important role in pop culture and bridging gaps at the time. Hopefully, the show has something important to say about the events as well. Even if does not, this looks like an extremely entertaining and enjoyable show to check out.

What’s Returning

“American Housewife” 

The sitcom returns from its winter hiatus and should continue to score pretty well in the ratings. ABC has pushed this show hard in the past two seasons, and it could very easily come close to crossing the 70 episode threshold by the end of this season (it entered the year with 47 episodes already). This feels like a show that will earn syndication early in its fifth season and remains popular enough to have a seven to ten season run. Often shows like “American Housewife” sneak up on audiences, and while it has not pushed for the Emmys, it is pure comfort television for a network that needs shows to address that need. “American Housewife” might even get a big boost in late 2019 when Disney+ opens up and allows audiences to binge show.

Movies on TV

Tonight seems like it was designed for film bros and guys from the plant to hang out and watch movies together. While there were certainly other films to watch, these four stood out among the pack. The most mainstream hit to watch tonight will be “Cast Away” from Robert Zemeckis and Tom Hanks. The story of Hanks becoming stranded on an island was a massive hit when it released, and he rose to the challenge. Due to its prevalence on cable, this actually might be Hanks’ most popular film of the century, and it also represents his last Oscar nomination. If you don’t know the story of a volleyball names Wilson, check out “Cast Away” tonight at 8 PM.

deepwater horizonThen, Oscar nominee “Deepwater Horizon” will air on FXM back-to-back at 7:40 and 9:50. The story of the men and women who were trapped on the oil rig was an intense story when it released. Peter Berg has evolved as a director, and there’s an argument to be had that is might be his second best film to date. It also gives actors like Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell some modern-day action hero points. A surprisingly satisfying film, “Deepwater Horizon” might be the least “Rah Rah America” about its subject (although there is an American Flag in one scene) and still works to depict heroic actions.

Finally, whoever programmed Showtime 2 tonight set up an excellent double feature of crime and lawlessness in America. Kicking off the double feature, “The Untouchables” with Kevin Costner, Andy Garcia, and Sean Connery brings prohibition crime to TV. Robert De Niro hams his way through the film, and the cast gels perfectly. Should Connery have won an Oscar? Probably not. But “The Untouchables” was a masterwork from Brian De Palma in creating a pop crime film as entertainment.

To close out the double feature, “Tombstone” airs at 10 PM. The practical effects driven film (the mustches and the lightning were real) provides another exciting and entertaining film to check out. “Tombstone” features one of the all-time great casts of the early 1990s. Kurt Russell leads the way, and if rumors are true, may have helped to direct the film. Val Kilmer as Doc Holliday should have been Oscar-nominated and pops off the screen in every scene. Sam Elliott, Bill PaxtonPowers BootheMichael BiehnStephen LangJason PriestleyThomas Haden ChurchMichael RookerBilly Zane, John Corbett, and Billy Bob Thornton all populate the film. It’s a mishmash of some of the great character actors of all time, and the movie thrives because everyone is cranked up to 11 and let go. What a great double feature to close out the night.

New Episodes

There are plenty of other shows airing new episodes tonight. Use this as a helpful guide when channel surfing tonight. Make sure you don’t miss the latest episodes of your favorite shows. Once again, times may vary by local area. Please check your local guide for the most accurate times.

  • The State of the Union (CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, PBS, and more) 9 PM
  • American Housewife” (ABC) at 8 PM
  • The Kids Are Alright” (ABC) at 8:30 PM
  • “Ellen’s Game of Games” (NBC) at 8 PM
  • “American Experience” (PBS) at 9 PM
  • “Frontline” (PBS) at 10 PM
  • “The Flash” (CW) at 8 PM
  • “Roswell, New Mexico” (PBS) at 9 PM
  • “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath” (A&E) at 9 PM
  • “The Many Sides of Jane” (A&E) at 10 PM
  • “Lone Star Law” (Animal Planet) at 8 PM and 9 PM
  • “American Soul” (BET) at 9 & 10 PM
  • “Below Deck” (Bravo) at 9 PM
  • “Drunk History” (Comedy Central) at 10 PM
  • “Corporate” (Comedy Central) at 10:30 PM
  • “Garage Rehab” (Discover) at 8 & 9 PM
  • “Bad Chad Customs” (Discover) at 10 PM
  • Dating: No Filter” (E!) at 10:30 PM
  • “Chopped” (Food) at 9 PM
  • “Good Trouble” (Freeform) at 8 PM
  • “Backroad Bounty” (FYI) at 10 PM
  • “Windy City Rehab” (HGTV) at 9 PM
  • “House Hunters” (HGTV) at 10 PM
  • “House Hunters: International” (HGTV) at 10:30 PM
  • “The Curse of Oak Island” (History) at 9 PM
  • “Project Blue Book” (History) at 10 PM
  • “Married at First Sight” (Lifetime) at 8 PM, 9 PM
  • “My Great Big Live Wedding” (Lifetime) at 10 P
  • “Siesta Key” (MTV) at 9 PM
  • “Life Below Zero” (Nat. Geo) at 9 PM
  • “Port Protection Alaska” (Nat. Geo) at 10 PM
  • “The Haves and Have Nots” (OWN) at 9 PM
  • “What on Earth?” (Science) at 9 PM
  • “How the Universe Works” (Science) at 10 PM
  • “Inside the NFL” (Showtime) at 9 PM
  • “Humongous Moves” (Smithsonian) at 9 PM
  • “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” (TLC) at 8 PM
  • “I Am Jazz” (TLC) at 9 PM
  • “Kate vs. Meghan: Princesses at War?” at 10 PM
  • “Expedition Unknown” (Travel) at 9 PM
  • “Legend Hunter” (Travel) at 10 PM
  • “American Soul” (TVLand) at 9 PM
  • “Teachers” (TVLandat 10 PM
  • Temptation Island” (USA) at 10 PM

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