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Which New TV Dramas Will The Golden Globes Fall in Love With This Year?

The Mandalorian.0

The Golden Globe Awards preference for new shows extends to the Drama Series, much like it does for Comedy Series. Five of the last ten Drama Series winners were from shows in their first seasons. Additionally, shows like “The Americans” won for their first Golden Globe nomination, though that nomination came from a later season. Roughly 44% of the total nominations in this category over the past ten years were from shows in their first year. When one adds in shows entering for the first time later in their run, that number grows to 54%. Knowing this, what new shows should we look out for this year?


jennifer aniston reese witherspoon morning show ews
(from left to right) Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon take on a morning news show racked by sexual assault allegations in “The Morning Show” on Apple TV+.

With two new streaming networks, the Golden Globes have more new shows than ever before to choose from. Apple TV+’s “The Morning Show” made headlines for being the one of the most expensive show ever made. Though initial reviews have not been the most kind, there show checks a lot of boxes for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). With a cast that includes Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell, among others, the Golden Globes are likely to take notice. The premise, which centers around a morning show newsroom grappling with sexual assault allegations, also feels timely and potent. All this, plus the Globes’ love for new shows, adds up to make “The Morning Show” a likely contender.

However, “The Morning Show” isn’t the only drama contender Apple TV+ has. “For All Mankind,” which wonders how the world would be different if Russia won the space race, earned better reviews than “The Morning Show.” Still, reviews doesn’t always equal buzz. “For All Mankind” has fans, but needs a bit more visibility to be an awards contender. On the other hand, “See” had visibility. Yet, the reviews were toxic enough that the Globes likely won’t nominate it for anything.

Still, no new platform has been bigger than Disney+. The streamer’s flagship show has been “The Mandalorian,” the latest tale from the Star Wars universe. Pedro Pascal plays the titular character who is a lone gunslinger on the outer edges of the galaxy. The internet has been on fire talking about many aspects of the series, Baby Yoda in particular. Unfortunately, the last time the Golden Globes took notice in a Star Wars movie was in 1980, when “Star Wars Episode V: Empire Strikes Back” earned an Original Score nomination. Only “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” was able to crack the Best Picture category. The force must not be with the HFPA.


the witcher
Henry Cavill stars as Geralt of Rivia, a lone monster hunter, in Netflix’s new drama “The Witcher,” based on the book series of the same name.

With so many new streaming platforms on the market, how does Netflix differentiate itself? Fortunately, the pioneering streaming service makes up for the competition by offering an unparalleled number of original series. In terms of new dramas, Netflix lacks the big, buzzy, new original. The biggest price tag belongs to “The Witcher,” a new fantasy show starring Henry Cavill as a legendary monster hunter. Between “Game of Thrones,” “True Blood” and “Outlander,” the Golden Globes have been kind to genre shows. However, with a late December release date, will “The Witcher” be able to drum up any buzz ahead of its release to earn a nomination?

Other possible new Netflix dramas include “Sex Education,” “The Dark Crystal,” “The Umbrella Academy” and “Raising Dion.” However, Netflix might have more success with their returning series, rather than their new ones.


The Boys 2
Amazon Prime’s new series, “The Boys,” skewers the idea of the “all noble” superhero.

Amazon Prime made big steps this year in the superhero and fantasy realms. “The Boys” did well over summer and could follow in the footsteps of “Heroes” and get a Drama Series nomination. Among the actors, Karl Urban could contend in Lead Actor. Meanwhile, Elisabeth Shue remains a long-shot in Supporting Actress. “Carnival Row” didn’t quite live up to its ambitious premise, but still managed to court a fanbase. The Orlando Bloom-Cara Delevigne starrer still has a shot at Golden Globes love.

Perhaps Amazon Prime’s best shot lies with “Undone,” their experimental animated drama starring Rosa Salazar as a woman struggling with suicidal thoughts. The show fits the textbook definition of a tough sit. Yet, those who stick through it find it to be a beautiful and rewarding experience. If enough members of the HFPA have watched it, the show could contend in series and Salazar might get in for Lead Actress.

On Hulu, “Reprisal” could be the streamer’s best chance. However, the show’s late release might hurt, more than help it. Still, there is a possibility that the show and star Abigail Spencer could be the beneficiaries of the Golden Globes’ tendency to reward new shows.

Epix also features two new shows that might factor into the race. “The Godfather of Harlem” stars Forest Whitaker in the title role and could contend in Lead Actor. “Pennyworth” also uses Batman IP to gain a new following. However, the network may be too small to break-through this year.


watchmen hbo regina king poster 1192484
Regina King headlines “Watchmen” as Angela Abar (aka Sister Night), a cop who seeks to take down a hate group in 2019 Tulsa.

HBO is more than just “Game of Thrones” thanks to its new shows. Since October, the internet has not stopped talking about “Watchmen,” which continues to air during voting. This keeps the show top of mind and could easily result in a drama series nomination. Among the actors, Regina King stands the best chance in the Lead Actress race. However, don’t count out Jeremy Irons (lead actor), Don Johnson (supporting actor), or Hong Chau (supporting actress). Also on HBO right now is “His Dark Materials,” which stars “Logan” actress Dafne Keen in the lead. However, “Watchmen” commands more of the conversation now than “His Dark Materials.”

There’s more than just genre on HBO. Their contemporary work also stands a great chance. “Big Little Lies” moves from Limited Series, where it won three Golden Globes two years ago, to Drama Series. Season two did not receive the same rapturous response as season one, and the HFPA are known for being fickle. Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep may be too big to miss out on nominations. However, the show could easily get snubbed for Drama Series and Reese might have a better shot with “The Morning Show.” In fact, “Euphoria” might have an even better shot than “Big Little Lies” for nominations. The buzzy show stars Zendaya as a high schooler struggling after a stint in rehab. Many loved the show when it aired, but others were concerned about the sexually explicit nature of the show. Will that turn off HFPA voters?

Also new is “Gentlemen Jack,” which won strong reviews when it premiered in April, but didn’t get the viewership or Emmy nominations that other HBO shows received.

The other premium cable networks each have a possible, yet unlikely contender. Showtime premiered “City on a Hill” in August, which seems more like a play for Kevin Bacon in lead actor than series. Starz also has “Dublin Murders,” which just started, but hasn’t made much of a dent in terms of awards buzz.


Emilia Clarke HBO Game of Thrones 2
Emilia Clarke reprised her role as Daenerys Targaryen in “Game of Thrones,” which ended this past year.

There’s no guarantee that the Golden Globes will go with “Game of Thrones” like the Emmys did. While “Game of Thrones” have won four Drama Series Emmys, they have never won a Golden Globe for Drama Series. Much like they did for “The Americans” last year, it’s possible the Golden Globes will give the legendary show a goodbye hug. However, poor critical and fan reception could keep this from a win.

Less than half of all nominees come from previously nominated shows. This means only two to three of the following former nominees should make it back in – “The Crown,” “Game of Thrones,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Killing Eve,” “Pose,” “Stranger Things,” “This Is Us.” One could make a case for almost all of these shows, which have experienced good, recent seasons and/or have remained in the Emmy conversation.

However, one should not count out some shows that the HFPA may have caught up with in their screener pile. “Succession” was the talk of the town for its second season. The HBO ensemble drama about a rich family struggling for control of their family’s company improved dramatically in season two and could be rewarded. Additionally, “Ozark” over-performed at the Emmys for season two and could ride this wave of support to a Drama Series nomination.


Italics for New Shows

  • Drama Series
    • “The Crown” (Netflix)
    • “Game of Thrones” (HBO)
    • “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+)
    • “Succession” (HBO)
    • “Watchmen” (HBO)
  • Lead Actor
    • Jason Bateman – “Ozark” (Netflix)
    • Brian Cox – “Succession” (HBO)
    • Tobias Menzies – “The Crown” (Netflix)
    • Billy Porter – “Pose” (FX)
    • Jeremy Strong – “Succession” (HBO)
  • Lead Actress
    • Jennifer Aniston – “The Morning Show” (Apple TV+)
    • Olivia Colman – “The Crown” (Netflix)
    • Nicole Kidman – “Big Little Lies” (HBO)
    • Regina King – “Watchmen” (HBO)
    • Sandra Oh – “Killing Eve” (BBC America)

What do you think will be nominated at the Golden Globes on Monday? Let us know in the comments below.

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