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Women In Cinema: Emma Stone

superbad 18 jonah hill emma stoneYoung actresses with the potential to have an extraordinary career are a rare find. Emma Stone is one of those actresses. With a strong beginning to a career, it only makes sense it will get bigger and better.

Emily Stone was born November 6th, 1988 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Growing up she was a member of the Valley Youth Theater where at 11, she made her debut starring in The Wind in the Willows. After appearing in that play she went on to star in over a dozen more productions. At the age of 15, she convinced her parents to let her drop out of school and move to California to pursue a career in film. Her parents picked up and moved to California where she was then home schooled so she could attend auditions during the day.

Stone got her start on the VH1 reality TV show, In Search of the Partridge Family in 2004. The show was a nationwide search for actors to star in the sitcom remake of The Partridge Family. Stone won the role of Laurie Partridge, but the show was cancelled right after the pilot debuted. Winning the role served as a stepping stone for her career.  Following the failed pilot she went on to appear in various TV shows such as Medium, The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, Malcolm in the Middle, Lucky Louie, and Drive.

In 2007, Stone made her feature debut in the comedy, Superbad. She played Jules, Jonah Hill’s love interest. In the movie Stone showed her comedy chops and acted like a real teenage girl in the movie. Her performance wasn’t over the top or lacking, it was a great supporting role that had its funny moments.

In 2008, Stone co-starred in two films; The Rocker and The House Bunny. Out of the two her performance in The House Bunny was by far the best. She played Natalie, the head of a sorority about to shut down. Her character was so embarrassingly awkward and Stone made it hilariously fun. She represented the typical nerd who has no idea what fun is and is the furthest thing from smooth, even when she does become popular.  The movie was good fun but every time Stone was in the scene you couldn’t help but smile.

In 2009, three movies were released where she yet again co-starred in; Ghost of Girlfriends Past, Paper Man and Zombieland. In Ghost of Girlfriends Past, Stone was pretty much a scene stealer as the ghost of “girlfriends past”. Stone tried her dramatic side out in the film Paper Man. The movie was an absolute disaster but her performance stood out. There was one particular scene that stood out to me and has stayed with me since watching the movie; the scene where Stone’s character opens the door to her room only find her imaginary friend had hung himself. The scene stuck with me because it reminded me of Winona Ryder, during the scene in Girl, Interrupted when she finds Brittany Murphy hung herself.  It made me think that if there was ever a remake of Girl, Interrupted Stone could play the role of Susanna brilliantly.

Zombieland was the best movie of the bunch that year and was definitely the most fun. Stone and Abigail Breslin worked well off each other and made it believable they were sisters. This was one of the first movies for me where I found Stone sexy. In this movie she showed more sex appeal because that was what her character needed to get what she wanted and it was the first movie where you see her be sexy. The movie was a mix of horror, drama and comedy and Stone pulled off each emotion when it was desired for the scene.

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2010, a movie was released that will be the reason why Emma Stone has such a great career, that movie is Easy A. In her first starring role, Stone was truly the better version of this generations Molly Ringwald; sexy, funny, relatable, sarcastic and innocent. Stone plays Olive Penderghast, a high school girl whose world is turned upside down when a lie about losing her virginity turns into a over blown rumor. Her performance is something that never seems forced or unnatural. She commanded the screen earning our sympathy while taking her situation and getting through it with improvisation-like tangential dry humor. There are parts of Easy A that are unrealistic but there is nothing unrealistic about Stone’s performance when it comes to the struggles of High School. The choice to make Stone the leading character was perfect, I can’t imagine any other actress making the role or movie as great as Stone did. This performance earned Stone a much deserving nomination at The Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Comedy, the first of many.

Stone will be appearing in the following movies, Friends with Benefits, Crazy, Stupid, Love, and The Help this summer. In 2012, you will see her take on Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man.

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Emma Stone is a great scene stealing actress who is humorous because of her great delivery, sexy, smart, and just the full package. She is definitely an actress to watch, because let’s be honest, how can you take your eyes off her.

I love everything about Emma Stone. She is quickly becoming one of my favorite actresses because no matter how serious or funny the role, she always manages to keep my attention begging for more. She is an actress that will one day have an Academy Award in her possession and I guarantee it will be an honor that is well deserved.

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Written by Anna Young

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