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Women in Cinema: Six Female Characters There Should Be More of in Film

christmasinconnecticutMy last Women in Cinema article ignited a firestorm of comments decrying me as a “nitpicker” who couldn’t find one nice thing to say about women in movies, even if I found a positive depiction.  One of the biggest questions asked of people who explore gender in films is: What do you want to see in a feminist-friendly movie?  Who are the female characters women should be looking up to?  With that in mind, I decided to list the feminist-friendly female characters I want to see more of in films.  As with any list, I can only speak for myself and the joy of the comments section is you can tell me which actresses, characters, and movies speak to you as “feminist friendly.”


What do you think?

Written by Kristen Lopez

Is it enough to say I'm obsessed with movies? If you're reading a movie website then you should suffer from the same affliction, right? Other than that obvious statement I'm a graduate student hoping to obtain my Master's in English. Before you ask, yes I love to read or else I wouldn't be studying the subject. I'm finicky about Tudor history (Google it if you're confused), and if you say you're a bigger Michael Fassbender fan than I, I will cut you. I also love Disneyland, blog about classic film, and would love to be paid big dollars to watch and review movies.


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