Two and a Half Men lost Charlie Sheen but gained Ashton Kutcher. Winning? Not really.

The once great sitcom fell apart when the self-destructing Sheen decided it would be a good idea to wreck hotel rooms, do some drugs, drink some drinks and oh, make hateful Jewish remarks to his Jewish boss. Because you know, that always works out well.

When production closed on the Two and a Half Men set earlier in the year audiences wondered what would happen next. Well, Sheen got fired and while the warlock was making a fool of himself on stage acting crazy, people were curious who would replace the always hilarious Sheen. So many names came up including John Stamos and Rob Lowe. But then out of nowhere Ashton Kutcher gets casted. I’m sorry, but that was a huge WTF moment.

Why Ashton Kutcher? Yea, he was great on That 70s Show playing Michael Kelso but since the show ended Kutcher hasn’t done any roles that have been much of a stretch for him. He’s stuck in romantic comedies and poor dramas. I loved Kutcher on That 70s Show, and the show is my all-time favorite show but, seriously? Kutcher? Just because he was a slut on that show doesn’t mean that he would make a good one on this show.

How about John Cusack? Someone call him right now and save the show!

Granted the show is still bringing in ratings, but the truth is, they aren’t as high as they were when Sheen was starring on the hilarious sitcom.

The season began strong with its first episode beginning with Charlie’s funeral. The funeral was staged with Alan (Jon Cryer) trying to give a touching eulogy but continues to get interrupted by all of Charlie’s angry ex-girlfriends. The scene was perfect and hilarious, but got even better when it was implied Rose killed Charlie. The episode continued on with Charlie’s ashes being thrown in the air in shock and ending up in a dust buster, a clear commentary by creator Chuck Lorre that Sheen was no longer a part of the show.

Kutcher was then introduced in an awkward manor and Walden Schmidt was now here to say. We find out that Walden Schmidt is recent billionaire who is going through a rough time in his marriage and ends up buying Charlie’s beach house putting Alan out. Alan is eventually invited back but the show leaves you wondering why this self-made billionaire who is the equivalent of a child would choose to be friends with Alan and live with him when he’s a complete stranger.

After the first few episodes the show went down. The show relied too much on getting laughs at whatever the cost, mainly having Kutcher strut around naked. We get it, he’s hot, he’s hung and people want him. Michael Fassbender is all of those things too but at least he’s interesting to watch. After a while the stunned and jealous reactions of everybody around him got old. It’s ridiculous. Then they went so far to make a Molly Ringwald joke involving Jon Cryer to get a chuckle. When Sheen was a part of the show the lines and laughs came naturally and they didn’t have to try so hard.

Ashton Kutcher was a nice thought but poor choice to replace Charlie Sheen. Watching the show and barely laughing makes me wish the show had been canceled. The great cast is embarrassing themselves with poor humor written by Chuck Lorre and his team.

Jon Cryer is the best part of the show, it’s just a shame that he has to parade around working so hard to receive laughs. I’m so thrilled that Cryer received a Best Actor nomination at the Screen Actors Guild for his hard work, but it’s a shame that nomination might be the last one for the once humorous show.

Some may call the recent change on Men a success, but poor casting, acting by Kutcher and poor writing leave Two and a Half Men in my NUMBER FIVE spot of worst Television show of the year.